Thursday, December 9, 2021

Civil Aviation Ministry issues guidelines to ensure timely vaccination of aviation community

The Civil Aviation Ministry has issued guidelines to ensure timely vaccination of the aviation community. All players in the Civil Aviation Sector have been advised to cover their personnel under the ongoing vaccination program. Guidelines state that the organizations which have already made arrangements with Government or Private service providers for the vaccination to their employees may continue to do so.

Further, a dedicated vaccination facility should be established by the Airport Operators in their respective airports to facilitate expeditious vaccination for the personnel involved in aviation or related services.

The guidelines state that required facilities like setting up of vaccination counters, segregated waiting areas are to be established by the Airport Operators. The cost per vaccination dose can be decided by the Airport Operator with the service provider. These facilities are to be available for all aviation sector stakeholders at the same cost.

For smaller airports, the Airport Operators can approach the local administration for extending the vaccination program. The facilities created by Airport Operator would be available for all the Civil Aviation Personnel in the first phase and can be extended to the family members subsequently. All Airport Operators have been advised to designate a nodal officer for coordinating the efforts.

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