Saturday, January 22, 2022

Prime Minister Modi Calls for Rapid Vaccination Drive

Script: VENKAT PARSA, Journalist

Prime Minister Narendra has reached out to the people and reassured them of the resolve of the Government to grapple with the Coronavirus pandemic. His move is timely and comes at a time when India is reeling under a massive Second Wave of the pandemic’s surge in the country, where the single-day fresh cases figures have crossed the three-lakh mark.

In the 76th edition of “Mann Ki Baat” over the All IndiaRadio network, Prime Minister Modi underscored the need to successfully carry out a vaccination drive across all sections of people, above 18 years of age. This is an important part of the all-out war against the pandemic. He sought to dispel all misgivings about the vaccines.

Appealing to the people not to fall prey to any rumours, Prime Minister urged one and all to get vaccinated.

In an impassioned appeal, Prime Minister Modi said, “I urge the people to not fall prey to any rumour about the vaccines. You all must be aware that the Government has sent free vaccines to the State Governments. All people above 45 years of age can benefit from this. From May 1, vaccines will be available for every person above 18 years of age.”

Widening the scope of the vaccination drive, Prime Minister said the Corporate Sector can also participate in the vaccination drive by getting their employees vaccinated. The Centre’s free vaccination programme will continue in the future, too, he assured. He urged the States to ensure the benefits of this free vaccination programme reach as many people as possible.

During the course of his Maan Ki Baat, Prime Minister spoke to frontline Corona Warriors like Doctors, Nurses and Ambulance Drivers, who are relentlessly carrying out their work, unfazed and undeterred by the severity of the pandemic. He also spoke to those, who passed through the trauma and emerged victorious. The Prime Minister’s effort was aimed at instilling confidence among the people, especially at a time when fear is stalking all over.

Prime Minister said, “today, our personnel from the medical field, frontline workers are all endeavouring 24×7 in service. Similarly, other people of the society also are not lagging behind. The country is once again united and fighting against Corona. These days, someone is delivering medicines to families living in quarantine, someone is sending vegetables, milk, fruits, etc. Someone is offering Free Ambulance Services to patients. Even in such challenging times, in different corners of the country, voluntary organizations are coming forward and trying to do whatever they can to help others.”

Many people have suffered the untimely loss of their near and dear ones. Mr. Modi said he kept the focus on the entire conversation of Man Ki Baat on the Corona pandemic, because, the biggest priority is to defeat this pandemic.

The Prime Minister’s radio address
coincided with Bhagawan Mahavir Jayanti. Bhagwan Mahavir’s message of perseverance and self-restraint inspires all the people, he said. The Holy Month of Ramzan is also going on. Buddha Purnima is ahead. The 400th Prakash Parv of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji is also coming up. A landmark day ahead is Tagore Jayanti. All these events, he said, inspire the people to perform their duties.

Prime Minister Modi concluded his Man Ki Baat by urging the people to get vaccinated, saying there is an absolute need to take full care. Reiterating the Mantra of “Dawai Bhi, Kadai Bhi” (Medicine and Discipline), Prime Minister exhorted all eligible to get vaccinated and observe all precautions. He exuded confidence that the nation will soon prevail, together, over this calamity.


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