Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Government addresses issue of HR crunch in healthcare, medical interns to be roped in for duty

Assessing the growing need for adequate human resources to manage the ongoing second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Prime Minister Modi chaired a meeting to boost the availability of medical personnel in Covid duty.

One of the key outcomes of this meeting was the postponement of NEET-PG for the next four months. It has been decided that the exam will not be held before 31st August 2021 and students will get one month time after the announcement of the exam for preparation. This has been decided to create a large number of qualified doctors available for Covid duties.

Medical Interns in Covid Management Duties

In order to reduce the workload on existing doctors engaged in Covid duty and provide a boost to efforts of triaging, the government has decided to deploy Medical Interns on Covid Management duties under the supervision of their faculty as part of their Internship rotation.

Under this, the government is working to utilize the services of Final Year MBBS students in services like teleconsultation and monitoring of mild Covid cases under the orientation and supervision of concerned Faculty.

Also, the services of Final Year PG Students (broad as well as super-specialities) as residents can be taken into consideration until fresh batches of PG Students have joined.
B.Sc./GNM Qualified Nurses may be employed in full-time Covid nursing duties in Government/Private facilities under the supervision of Senior Doctors and Nurses.

Since M.Sc. Nursing students, Post basic B.Sc. (N) and Post basic Diploma nursing students are Registered Nursing Officers, they can be employed to take care of COVID- 19 patients as per the Hospital protocols/policies. In addition to this, the government has also contemplated that services of Allied Health Care professionals can be used for assistance in Covid Management, based on their training and certification.

This additional human resource when mobilized will be used only in facilities that are required to manage Covid19 and related duties.

Government Announces Incentives and Recognition of Medical Service under COVID management Duties

It has been decided that individuals who will extend their services for Covid management will be given priority in future regular Government recruitments after they complete a minimum of 100 days of Covid duty.

For this additional manpower, the government may consider the implementation and extension of the National Health Mission (NHM) norm for contractual human resource engagement by States/UTs.
Those involved in these Covid duty will get remuneration as per the decision of States in regards to NHM norms.

In addition to this, a suitable honorarium for distinguished Covid Service may also be attributed.

The medical students/professionals that are going to be engaged in Covid related work will be suitably vaccinated and covered under the Insurance Scheme of Government for health workers engaged in fighting Covid 19.

The Prime Minister’s Distinguished Covid National Service Samman will be awarded to medical professionals who sign up for a minimum of 100 days of Covid duty and complete it successfully

The State Governments have also been instructed to get additional health professionals for private Covid Hospitals through this process.

The government intends to accelerate the process of recruitment and fill the vacant posts by employing doctors, nurses, allied professionals and other healthcare staff in Health and Medical departments within 45 days through contractual appointments based on NHM norms.

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