Thursday, December 9, 2021

Maharashtra :Strict restrictions result in stabilising rising number of Covid-19 patients

The strict restrictions imposed in Maharashtra are resulting in stabilising the rising number of Covid-19 patients. Mumbai which was once considered as the hotbed of the global pandemic is continuously showing improvement after the implementation of restrictions. The positivity rate of the metropolis has come down significantly during last seven days and it has reduced the burden on the health facilities of the state. AIR correspondent reports, the positivity rate of Mumbai has declined to 11.89 percent on May 1st 2021 after the strict restrictions put in place all over the state.

The positivity rate of Mumbai was on peak in the first week of April which was beyond 25 percent. But due to the restrictions and various measures done by the BMC the positivity rate and the number of daily cases are showing declining trend. The city registered less than 4000 daily cases for the third consecutive day yesterday. Mumbai is one of the leading cities in tests per million compared to other cities. Mumbai’s recovery rate has scaled up to 89 per cent, and the doubling rate has slowed down to 103 days.

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