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Head, AIIMS COVID Care answers “Is there any prophylactic medication to avoid contracting the virus?” and other Covid Care FAQs

Amid the second wave of the pandemic, AIIMS COVID Centre Head, Dr. Anjan Trikha talked in detail about COVID-19 precautions, symptoms, hospitalization, and other related issues.

1.What I should do to not get infected from COVID-19?

Staying indoor is important if you want to protect yourself from getting infected. Unless necessary, try to avoid getting in public. Also, when you do go out, wear a mask and maintain an appropriate distance from others. Wash your hands and face thoroughly with water after you return home. In order to break a chain of transmission, wear a mask at home and isolate yourself because there might maybe some asymptomatic carrier at your home.

2.What I should do if I am infected and asymptomatic?

If you are infected and asymptomatic, you must immediately isolate yourself to ensure that you do not spread the infection to others. Do not sit with your friends or co-workers to eat food or anything else. Completely isolate yourself and stop going to your office and work from home.

3. What I should do if I am infected and symptomatic for the last 3-5 days? When I have only fever or when I have a fever, cough, and cold, etc?

If you are infected and have any kind of symptoms like fever or a cough, in that case regular medications are necessary. Try cough medicine so that your cough is suppressed and that doesn’t cause you much of a problem. At the same time avoid interacting with people and immediately isolate yourself to ensure that you do not spread the infection to others.

4. Home Isolation or Hospitalization, when and how?

Home isolation is primary. But I can very well understand home isolation is difficult when you live with other people or in smaller spaces. In that case, the patient can be moved to covid care centers made by the government especially for isolation purposes. Go for hospital admission if you are facing shortness of breath or dropping oxygen saturation in the blood.

5. How to improve my oxygen saturation? What is pronal breathing?

To improve oxygen saturation level in your body practice regular respiratory exercise. Also, it is not pronal respiration, it is lying in a prone position and trying to take deep breaths. When you lie on your stomach and breath (prone position) it helps the body to pass air into all areas of the lungs rather than lying flat on the back. This is called prone position breathing or prone ventilation or conscious prone ventilation.

6. Testing is taking time. What should I do about this in case I feel I am infected?

We all know that people have to wait 2-3 days to get their RT-PCR test reports. But if you think you are positive given your test, the best way is to isolate yourself and consider that you can pass on the virus to other people unless proven otherwise.

7. Is there any prophylactic medication to avoid contracting the virus?

In the last 14 months, the evidence for any other medications that you can take to avoid contracting coronavirus has been non-existent. Initially, there was a big usage of hydroxychloroquine, however, in the last 15 months, its use as prophylactic medicine is basically zero.

8. Is it required for people at home to wear a mask?

Yes, Government in its latest guidelines advised the public to wear a mask at home because there’s a lot of asymptomatic, infected carriers in society. So it is advisable to wear a mask even at home, to avoid contracting the virus. It is equally important that when you have household helps to come into your house, they should be also wearing a mask

9. What is Double Masking? How to do it and is it mandatory now?

Double masking is when you wear one mask on top of another so that every part of your nose and the face and the cheek is covered. Double Masking prevents any kind of infected air to get into your nose and mouth. If you wear a double mask the chances of you getting infected is very low.

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