Thursday, January 20, 2022

Covid-19 vaccine: Head, AIIMS COVID Care answers questions around benefits of vaccine & more

mid the second wave of the pandemic, AIIMS COVID Centre Head, Dr. Anjan Trikha answers all your questions on COVID-19 vaccination.

1. I took my first dose of the vaccine. Had symptoms after a week. Can I take my second dose of vaccine at the time prescribed after the first dose?

If you contracted the virus after receiving your first dose of vaccine, and have since recovered from the infection then the second dose should be administered at least four weeks after you become asymptomatic. Some people may say six weeks, so anything between 4-6 weeks after you have come out of the infection.

2. I am 19 years old. Where can I get the vaccine? Can I get at a Government hospital or only at a private hospital? How much will be the cost?

You can get the vaccine free of cost at any government hospital. Also, the vaccine is available at a very minimal price in private hospitals. I think it should be around six hundred and fifty rupees or seven hundred rupees, depending upon which vaccine is available in the private sector. But I suggest you go to the government hospitals where it is not going to cost you.

3.Where and when to get registered for my COVID Vaccination which starts from May 1?

You can easily get yourself registered via the apps ( CoWIN, Aarogya Setu, UMANG) available for registration purpose. Or you can also ask someone to help you with the registration process. Once the registration process is done a slot will be allotted to you and then you can get yourself vaccinated.

4. How will vaccination be useful for me?

The vaccine helps to develop antibodies. If you have taken both the shots of the vaccine as per the government advisories and if you contracted the virus, the severity of the disease will be tremendously less.

5. Are there any side effects of the vaccine?

Possible side effects after getting a COVID-19 Vaccine are mild fever or rashes. The government is keeping a strict watch on the symptoms. If you develop some other symptoms you can call the numbers available and they will advise you what to do next and even tell you to visit the nearest health facility if your symptoms get severe.

6. By what time can I expect full protection after taking the vaccine?

100 percent protection from any vaccine for any disease in the world is not possible, it’s only the efficacy of any vaccine which is important. So, quite a large number of people would have protection against the disease after they have taken the vaccine as per guidelines. The same is with the COVID-19 vaccination. 2-3 weeks after the second dose of the COVID vaccine, you should have enough antibodies which are likely to protect you from catching serious COVID infection.

7. Can I go out to work after being vaccinated and with a mask on & maintaining social distancing? Am I likely to lose my daily wages for some days?

You can go to work after getting vaccinated with a mask and by maintaining social distance, provided that there are no guidelines for lockdown or curfew in your area. Follow guidelines being issued by the government. Further, the government has made it clear that nobody will lose jobs in the government set up if you are ill or catch the COVID-19 infection.

8. Is it mandatory to have COVID Appropriate Behaviour everywhere?

Yes, it is mandatory and essential. It is as essential as you wear your clothes when you go out to work or you wear your clothes when you are at home. So, all things done in a COVID-appropriate behavior should be as essential as putting clothes on your body.

9. Is there a likelihood of getting some gynecological problems with vaccination?

It is unlikely that you can get gynecological problems with vaccination. It is not possible. There may be a side effect, which may be very rare. As of now, we have not heard of it.

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