Saturday, December 4, 2021

3 hospitals working under WNC kept ready to provide medical assistance to the migrant labourers

As surging COVID-19 cases overwhelm hospital facilities and oxygen-supported beds for severe cases, three hospitals which are working under the Western Naval Command (WNC) are kept ready to provide medical assistance to the migrant labours. INHS Jeevanti, Goa, INHS Patanjali, Karwar and INHS Sandhani, Mumbai are these three naval hospitals.

In Mumbai, facilities have been set up inside naval premises to provide basic amenities to the migrant labourers so that they would not proceed to their hometowns. The naval authorities are also in regular communication with civil administration and all preparatory actions have been stepped up to offer any COVID contingency assistance, if requested.

These hospitals are made elaborate arrangements for supporting 1500 migrant labourers by supply of essential items, rations and basic healthcare, community kitchen, oxygen beds etc.

Presently, as per the Ministry of Home Affairs guidelines, all naval hospitals are catering to the ‘vaccination’ for the service personnel and their dependents, and similarly for the defence civilians and their dependents. From 1st May, 2021, the vaccination process will be started for the age group of 18-45 years. The feasibility of extending the vaccination facility to the civil population in the vicinity is being explored.

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