Friday, December 3, 2021

Karnal District Administration starts ‘Oxygen on Wheels’ initiative to ensure incessant supply of Medical Oxygen to hospitals

Karnal District Administration in Haryana has started a unique ‘Oxygen on Wheels’ initiative to ensure incessant supply of Medical Oxygen to both Government & Private Hospitals.

Under this initiative a carrier vehicle called as Mobile oxygen bank loaded with 100 Oxygen Cylinders reaches out to any district hospital which requisitions its urgent supply. This Round the clock service has been able to cater to the demands of various hospitals in the area.
Speaking to AIR News, Deputy Commissioner of Karnal District Nishant Yadav informed that the hospitals reach out to the Oxygen bank service when they are left with nearly 2 hour of Oxygen and are provided with requisite number of cylinders to ensure complete care of patients. He said the Karnal model of Oxygen on Wheels will soon be replicated in other districts of the State as well.

The district administration said that due to high demand of medical oxygen in the recent days the hospitals during pressing times take the assistance of Oxygen on Wheels service till the time their stocks are replenished. Empty cylinders are collected at the end of the day and are refilled for further distribution. The unique initiative has helped the administration to save many lives due to lack of oxygen during critical hours of illness.

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