Sunday, December 5, 2021

Tamil Nadu govt decides to reopen Vedanta’s oxygen manufacturing plant at Tuticorin

Tamilnadu Government after considering the urgent need for increased oxygen production has decided to reopen Vedanta’s oxygen manufacturing plant at Tuticorin.

The Vedanta group approached the Supreme Court to allow production of oxygen through its plant in Tuticorin. In an all party meeting headed by Chief Minister Palanisamy at the State Secretariat today, Five resolutions including reopening of Vedanta production plant were passed.

The all party meeting has resolved to allow the plant to manufacture the much needed requirement of oxygen in the State.  The Government will render power supply to the plant for the manufacture of 1050 tonnes of oxygen for a period of four months. All parties also resolved to  prioritise the requirement of oxygen for the State and the remaining oxygen would be sent to other states.

The government  also said that  members of different groups which oppose the industry will  be given a place in the expert group to monitor oxygen production along with the District administration. The resolution states that according to the requirement the period of four months would be increased however the copper smelting plant will not be allowed to reopen.

According to the State Government in the High Court, only 35 tonnes of oxygen out of the 1050  tonnes of oxygen manufactured everyday in the plant is for medical use.  The oxygen manufactured from the plant would be given for medical purposes to the hospitals free of cost.

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