Saturday, December 4, 2021

Every effort counts in Battle Against 2nd Wave of COVID-19

As Governments and families combats medical oxygen availability emergency amidst the second wave of Coronavirus, the help to save lives is coming from home and abroad. It is said that calamities bring humans together, the individual crowdfunding or fundraising initiatives are playing a crucial role in bringing light to these tasking times.

Case in point is the Bay Area Indian community, which has partnered with Save Life Foundation to raise funds through donations and provide emergency aid of Oxygen Concentrators to Delhi.

Individual donation campaigns are reaching out to Indian organisations, partnering with them to channel these donations to reach the country as soon as possible.

A Bay Area resident working in the banking industry, Kanika Thakar, has been raising funds to arrange Oxygen Concentrators for Delhi through Covid Relief India, a fundraiser that has identified a supplier of this medical equipment to provide up to 200 units by 1 May in Delhi.

This fundraiser campaign started by an individual initiative aimed to raise $100k by 24 April 2021.

The product being procured is Oxyflow5 (Oxygen Concentrator) which can be purchased at the cost of Rs. 39,000 per unit.

What are Oxygen Concentrators?

Oxygen Concentrator is an effective supply source for in-home oxygen therapy (HO). It is a portable medical device that delivers oxygen to people who have breathing problems, filters the ambient air before compressing it to the required density and then delivers purified medical-grade oxygen to the patient.

The donations being raised by Covid Relief India will be handled by the Save Life Foundation, which has been working alongside Niti Aayog and the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, India (GNCTD), with the on-ground as well as the policy response to the crisis. Subsequently, its efforts have proven useful to strengthen Government’s ambulance response mechanisms, testing strategy, procurement processes, and disease containment strategy.

Currently, the fundraiser campaign has been able to collect funds beyond the targets, announcing the expansion of the procurement and distribution beyond the National Capital.

Moreover, as of 24 April, the Customs Duty on the product Oxyflow has been waived by 13.5%, further aiding the donation of medical equipment help from abroad.

Such Individually raised donations campaigns are aiding Government’s combat to quickly get the country out of the prevailing grim situation. Hope and help are two main weapons to fight the present crisis.

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