Sunday, December 5, 2021

Centre writes to states, UTs to ensure adequate security to oxygen transporting vehicles

Centre has written to all States and Union Territories to ensure adequate security to oxygen transporting vehicles and to make provisions for exclusive corridors for transportation. Home Minister Amit Shah yesterday reviewed the situation arising out of sharp rise in COVID-19 cases and took various measures to augment the supply of oxygen for medical purposes.

An Expert Group is optimizing and rationalising the allocation of oxygen to various States and Union Territories keeping in view the active cases and to reduce time for movement of medical oxygen. Central Government has prohibited supply of oxygen for industrial purposes, except those for few essential sectors. This has resulted in significant augmentation of supply of medical oxygen.

The Ministry is also facilitating movement of medical oxygen across the country as per approved allocation plan. Indian Air Force has started transporting empty tankers after delivery of oxygen to destination State and UT to oxygen producing locations to reduce movement time. With a view to make available additional tankers for movement of oxygen, Home Ministry is coordinating in lifting of high capacity tankers from abroad, such as Singapore and UAE by Indian Air Force transport planes. Ministry of Railways is also running special trains carrying oxygen tankers across the country for faster movement.

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