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Books – An Intangible heritage

World Book and Copyright Day are celebrated every year on April 23 to promote reading and publishing.

Every year on April 23, World Book and Copyright Day is observed to encourage reading and writing. This is a significant date since it commemorates the birth and deaths of many notable writers. On April 23, William Shakespeare( renowned English poet), Miguel de Cervantes (Spanish writer), and Josep Pla (Spanish journalist)all died, while Manuel Mejia Vallejo(Colombian writer) and Maurice Druon (French novelist) were born on this date.

Books open the door to other dimensions, whether it’s one filled with fantasy and imagination or one filled with facts that teaches amazing new things. World Book Day is a day dedicated to recognizing the transformative value of books and the pleasure of reading.


UNESCO is posting quotes, poems, and messages from April 1st to April 23rd to celebrate the influence of books and inspire people to read as much as possible. Readers all over the world will communicate and support each other in combat isolation by building a sense of community through shared readings and information.

In preparation for World Book and Copyright Day, UNESCO has encouraged people to push themselves and try new things, such as new topics, formats, or genres.

Books as vectors of values and knowledge, and depositories of the intangible heritage and copyright-protects the work of creative artists. Both of these things have been the focus of several awareness-raising campaigns.

What is Copyright?

It is a legal term enacted by most governments that grant exclusive rights to writers or creators of original work, typically for a limited period of time. It also grants the copyright holder the right to be credited for the work, as well as other rights. As a result, it is a form of intellectual property.

World Books Capital 2021

Through the World Book Capital programme, UNESCO recognizes cities’ contribution to supporting books and encouraging reading over a 12-month span. Since 2001, UNESCO has chosen a World Book Capital. In the first year Madrid, Spain was chosen as the capital followed by Alexandria (2002), New Delhi (2003). This year Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, will be World Book Capital 2021.

Purpose and Importance of the World Book & Copyright Day

World Books and Copyrights Day is a day devoted to acknowledging books and writers, as well as encouraging people to discover the joy of reading and appreciating great authors who have made significant contributions to social and cultural progress.

People are expected to recognize and comply with copyright laws and other legislation to safeguard the value of intellectual property over time.

BOOKS: A Window to the world during COVID-19

At a time when people are confined within the four walls of their homes, the power of books can be used to fight loneliness, strengthen social relations, and broaden our horizons while stimulating our minds and imagination. It is a time to celebrate the importance of reading by promoting a lifelong love of literature and integration into the world of some great work.

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