Friday, December 3, 2021

New covid cases decline slightly in Mumbai & Maharashtra; Experts predict more decline in coming weeks

For the last few days, new covid cases are either steady or slightly declining in Mumbai and Maharashtra. Experts say, in a few weeks more decline can be observed.

Two weeks ago more than 10 thousand patients of COVID-19 were registered in Mumbai. But later gradual decline is observed in this number. In the last few days around 7 thousand new patients have been tested positive in Mumbai.

More number of patients are being discharged as compared to new patients. Experts say this will continue and more decrease in number cases can be observed from the 2nd week of May. The ATE Chandra Foundations model says around 40% mumbaikars have developed antibodies and it is rising fast due to new infections and vaccination.

Global evidence suggests 60-65% is the tipping point and later daily cases decline sharply. As per this study number new cases in Mumbai can be limited to 3 digits by June. Vaccination of population above the age of 18 and strict restriction on movements of the peoples will also help to minimise the spread of virus in Mumbai.

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