Saturday, December 4, 2021

India dispatches its Deep Submergence Rescue Vessel to assist Indonesian Navy in search for their missing Submarine

Hours after being called for help by the Indonesian Navy, India despatched its Deep Submergence Rescue Vessel to help in search & rescue efforts for the missing Indonesian Submarine, KRI Nanggala-402, which was reported missing since Wednesday.

“Indian Navy’s, Deep Submergence Rescue Vessel (DSRV) departed from Visakhapatnam to support Indonesian Navy in search & rescue efforts for KRI Nanggala. In this moment of crisis our prayers are with the Indonesian Navy, and our brothers in arms onboard KRI Nanggala & their families,” a top Indian Navy official informed.

According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Defence, On 21 April, an alert was received by the Indian Navy through International Submarine Escape and Rescue Liaison Office (ISMERLO), regarding the missing Indonesian submarine.

According to reports, the submarine was conducting a torpedo drill in waters north of the island of Bali when the mishap happened.

Indonesian Navy has launched a massive search and rescue operation for the German-made missing submarine.

Indian Navy’s Deep Submergence Rescue Vessel (DSRV) Capability

1. In a submarine accident, rapidity of response is most crucial to the safety of life. To ensure early mobilization, the DSRV System has been procured in a Flyaway configuration. The configuration allows rapid transportation of the Rescue System from the base to the exact location of the distressed submarine by air or road.

2. Using its Slide Scan Sonar technology and Remotely Operated Vehicle, the Indian Navy’s DSRV system can locate a submarine in distress at sea (up to 1000 m depth).

3. After the submarine is successfully detected, another submodule of DSRV- the Submarine Rescue Vehicle (SRV) – mates with the submarine to release the trapped crew.

4. The SRV can also be used to provide emergency supplies to the submarine.

5. It also has Diver Decompression Chambers and hyperbaric medical equipment to decompress submariners after being rescued from a sunken submarine.

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