Friday, January 21, 2022

Today is birth anniversary of Sri Ramanujaacharya

Today is the 1004th birth anniversary of Sri Ramanujaacharya, a great Hindu philosopher and thinker. Sri Ramanuja, who lighted the path of equality and bhakthi was born in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, in 1017 A.D. He was a saint who propagated universal brotherhood. He embraced the so-called untouchables and explained very categorically that the Creator of World is impartial and he never rejects any one.

He propounded a theory that one gets honor not by birth or caste but based on one’s spiritual knowledge and practice. He said that he is prepared to go to hell even, if the World gets rid of pains and sins on account of him.

He opened the temple doors for all castes and taught the procedure to worship god with Love and not with fear. Declared that the world is the Divine Form of God Almighty. Hence everything is true and nothing is illusionary.

He disclosed the secret, quintessential knowledge and true essence of the Vedas to the common man from temple tops. He was a great philosopher-Saint, theologian, social reformer and chief exponent of the Visishtadvaita School of Vedanta. According to legends, he disappeared at the age of 120 in Srirangam, Tamil Nadu in 1137 CE.

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