Friday, December 3, 2021

Maha Surveillance Officer says double mutation of Covid-19 responsible for fuelling transmission in state

DR. Pradip Awate, State Surveillance Officer has said that double mutations of Covid-19 are responsible for fuelling the transmission in some areas of Maharashtra. Since past few weeks there has been raging cases of corona putting a massive burden on the health machinery in the state.

AIR correspondent reports that talking to AIR, Dr. Awate said that the health experts are observing some mutation change in the whole genomic sequencing of coronavirus in Maharashtra. He said the state had sent around 3000 samples of genomic sequencing which were examined in 10 different laboratories of the country. He said out of the total samples, 83 samples have shown double mutations in Vidarbha and other regions of the state.

The senior health official said that double mutations are known for their characteristics of increased transmission and also for by-passing the antibodies response in the host.

He underlined that more studies on the new variants need to be conducted to find out whether double mutations are responsible for surge in Covid cases. However, he said that among other factors, new variant is the main cause of increased transmission rate in Maharashtra.

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