Thursday, January 20, 2022

Centre advises Union Ministries and their PSUs to dedicate hospital beds for COVID-19 Management in states, UTs

Union Health Ministry has advised Central Ministries and their PSUs to dedicate their Hospital beds for COVID19 Management in States and Union Territories. It has also asked them to provide details of such dedicated hospitals and special blocks to the public.

In a letter written to the Central Ministries, the Union Health Secretary has reiterated that the present situation of sudden surge in the COVID cases across the country calls for similar supportive action as last year from every quarter.

The Health Ministry has instructed that these dedicated Hospitals or Blocks should have separate entry and exit points to provide treatment services including specialised care for the confirmed COVID19 cases.  Additionally, these should be equipped to provide all supportive and ancillary services including Oxygen supported beds, ICU beds, ventilators and specialised Critical Care Units, laboratory services, imaging services, kitchen and laundry among others along with dedicated health work force.

The Centre has informed that the Ministries have been advised that details of such dedicated hospital wards and blocks be provided to the public, duly coordinating with the respective health departments of States and Union Territories and their respective District Health Administrations.

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