Tuesday, January 25, 2022

NE region to emerge as business destination of entire Indian subcontinent in Post-COVID era: Dr Jitendra Singh

Minister of State in PMO Dr Jitendra Singh said that the Post-COVID economy of India will look for unexplored potentials and under such circumstances, the hitherto lesser utilised resources from lesser projected regions will assume an important role. Addressing the Amazon Sambhav online Summit on the theme Unlocking Infinite Possibilities for India, Dr Jitendra Singh cited the example of bamboo from Northeast and other vast resources in the North Eastern Region as a whole. He said, every adversity is accompanied with some virtue and one of the positive aspects of tumultuous COVID phase has been that it prompted us to look for new avenues, new potentials and new resources to supplement the economy and make up for the deficit accruing as a result of the pandemic.

The Minister said, this, in turn, has led to a situation, wherein the North Eastern region of India has an opportunity to emerge as the business destination of the entire Indian subcontinent. Lauding the Amazon’s new initiative titled Northeast Spotlight, He said, this is indicative of the fact that even the business world of India has begun to realise where it should be looking to make a further headway in Post-COVID economy. He said, when all the known conventional resources and potentials across the country appeared to have got saturated or exhausted, Northeast will still have something to offer and that gives it a pivotal role in the times to come.


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