Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Keralites across globe celebrate festival of harvest ‘Vishu’ today

Keralites across the globe are celebrating,”Vishu the festival of harvest and prosperity today.

AIR correspondent reports, Vishu,is the astronomical New Year of  the state  marking the sun’s transit into the Medam Rashi .

Lord Krishna is worshipped in this auspicious day that resonates with symbolism of abundance in every sense.

The day begins with “Vishukkani”  the first thing to be seen on this day ,  comprises of lord Krishna adored with fruits and vegetables, kani konna flowers, gold ,coins etc.

Elders of the family offer their blessings in the form of Vishu kaineettam.In major temples such as Guruvayur, Sree padmanaswamy temple , Sabarimala  etc vishu kani and special rituals will be held.

Amid covid pandemic, Vishu is being celebrated under strict restrictions this time.

Authorities had urged to restrict the celebrations to owns home and to avoid crowding in temples.

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