Thursday, December 9, 2021

Face mask, social distancing is important guards against COVID-19: IIT Bombay’s researchers

IIT Bombay’s researchers have proved that, if appropriate social distancing is not maintained then the Covid -19 infection may probably double up. And hence the use of face mask and maintaining social distance are always advised as important scientific guards against COVID-19.

AIR correspondent reports that IT Bombay’s researchers Prof. Amit Agarwal and Prof. Rajneesh Bhardwaj have first time quantified the probability of infection for a super-spreader. As per their research findings, Super-spreader emits infections more than 3 times as compared to a normal person. The surgical mask reduces the chance of infection to about one-third of the no-mask while the N-95 reduces the probability of infection to a negligible value.

The research paper further says that the Probability of infection increases by up to 185 % if appropriate social distancing is not maintained. Research says, The presence of a mask drastically reduces the volume of infected air and significantly cuts down the risk of the infection to the other persons present in the room.

They also say that coughing into the elbow and the use of a handkerchief, can reduce the volume of a cough cloud and, therefore, the chances of dispersion of the virus.

This research paper will be soon published in ‘Physics of Fluids’ journal published by ‘American Institute of Physics’.

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