Thursday, December 9, 2021

Prime Minister Urges For Global Standards Of Indian Products

Prime Minister addressed the citizens on the 19th Episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat 2.O over the All India Radio network. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, May our country touch newer heights in 2021. May India’s image in the world strengthen further. What could be a greater wish than this!

Prime Minister recalled the time when the citizens enthusiastically participated in the novel experiment such as Janta curfew, in March this year. It became an inspiration for the whole world. When the country felicitated our corona warriors unitedly with Taali-thali, the applause and the reverberating chime of plates showed that people’s participation in the fight against Covid-19 was tremendous.

Mr. Modi said, the most common folk of the country have felt this transformation. Prime Minister said, he has witnessed an extraordinary ripple of hope in the country.  There came multiple challenges and many a crisis. On account of Corona, the world faced numerous hurdles in terms of supply chain. But, we learn a new lesson with every crisis. The country was blessed with newer capabilities. This capacity is “Atmanirbharta”- Self Reliance.

Prime Minister quoted from a letter sent to him by Venkat Murali Prasad of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Venkat had listed all those items that he uses on a daily basis. It comprises electronics, stationery, self-care items besides many other things. Venkat in his letter to the Prime Minister has said that knowingly or unknowingly, we are using those foreign products whose substitutes are easily available in India. He has now vowed that he would use only that product that bears the mark of our countrymen’s toil and sweat. This is the opportune moment to work with the ethos of ‘zero effect, zero defect’. Prime Minister urged manufacturers and industry leaders of the country that people of the country have taken a firm and bold step. Vocal for local is reverberating in each and every household. In such a scenario, it is time to ensure that our products meet global standards. Whatever is global best; we should make it in India and prove it. For that, our entrepreneur friends have to come forward. Startups too have to come forth.

Mr. Modi paid obeisance to the sons of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Sahibzade Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh were immured alive. The tyrants wanted Sahibzades to renounce their faith; abandon the teachings of the great Guru tradition. But, the Sahibzades showed amazing courage and determination even at that tender age.  People reminisce the supreme sacrifices made by family members of   Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji with immense reverence.  This martyrdom served as a new beacon of learning for entire humanity; for the country. This martyrdom served towards the great deed of protecting our civilisation. We are indebted to this martyrdom.

Prime Minister Modi said, in India, between 2014 and 2018, the number of leopards has risen by more than 60 percent. In 2014, the number of leopards in the country was about 7,900, whereas in 2019 it increased to 12,852. These are the very leopards about which Jim Corbett had said: “Those who have not seen a leopard wandering free in nature, cannot imagine its beauty, visualize the beauty of its colours and the charm of its gait.” In most parts of the country, especially central India, the number of leopards has risen. Amongst the states with the maximum population of leopards; Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra are topmost in the order. This is a big achievement for the year. Leopards, across the world have been facing dangers; their habitat has faced loss in the entire world. In such circumstances, the continued growth of the population of leopards in India has shown a way to the entire world.

Prime Minister Modi said we have to make our country free from single use plastic. This should also be one of the resolutions of 2021. In conclusion, he extended his best wishes to the people for the New Year. He urged the citizens to stay healthy and keep their family healthy too.

Script: Kaushik Roy; AIR: News Analyst

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