Thursday, December 2, 2021

Year Ender Series: National Digital Health Mission

The News Services Division brings glimpses of “The Year that was” in our Special Series Year ender-2020. COVID-19 pandemic has been the biggest story of the year and India has seen a fightback against the disease under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The disease has thrown open new challenges and data management is a major learning experience in health sector.

A National Digital Health Mission was announced by the Prime Minister on the 74th Independence Day this year. Under this mission, a unique Health ID will be provided to every citizen which will have details of the diseases, diagnosis, report, medication, in a common database through a single ID.

Speaking exclusively to AIR News, CEO, National Digital Health Mission, Dr Indu Bhushan said,the mission has been rolled out on pilot basis in six Union Territories and more than three lakh Health IDs have been created.

Our correspondent takes a look at how the new National digital health mission will usher in a new revolution in Health Sector:

Providing adequate health care services requires a sound data management. And the National digital health mission clearly fits the bill.

It will digitalize healthcare by creating a country-wide digital health ecosystem. The patients can that store, access and consent to share their health records with doctors and health facilities of their choice. This health account will contain details of every test, every disease, the doctors visited, the medicines taken and the diagnosis. This information will be very useful as it is portable and easily accessible even if the patient shifts to new place and visits a new doctor. Another important aspect is that the data will be secure so that it can not be misused for commercial gains. The mission is holistic, voluntary healthcare programme which will integrate doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, insurance companies and make a digital health infrastructure. The health ID card is created with details like Aadhar and mobile number and generate unique ID for each individual. The national digital health mission includes health ID, digidoctor, telemedicine, ePharmacy , healthcare registry and personal health records digitally stored. Digital healthcards will help doctors treat patients with their past medical history accessible. The mission will also empower millions of citizens without smart phones or those in remote tribal areas facing connectivity issues to still avail healthcare through its offline modules. The move is being seen as a gamechanger for the health care system of our country and go a long way in addressing the health care concerns of the needy, the poor and disadvantaged alike

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