Monday, December 6, 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says, India received record investment even during COVID-19 pandemic

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that even in during the testing times of COVID-19, India has got record investment and much of this investment has come in the tech sector. He said, clearly, the world sees India as a trustworthy and promising partner.

He was delivering his  Keynote address at IIT 2020 Global Summit organised by PanIIT USA  yesterday. The Prime Minister said, the government  is  strongly committed  to promote science and technology education in India. He said, the government has ensured that the brand of IITs has only become stronger. He said, in recent times, a culture of hackathons is developing in the country  and in them,  young minds are giving out-standing solutions to national and global problems.

Prime Minister has reiterated that the Government is fully committed to the principle of Reform, Perform and Transform.

Mr Modi said, there is no sector left out from the ambit of reforms. He listed many path-breaking reforms brought in by the Government in various sectors such as assimilating 44 Union labour laws into just 4 codes, having one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world, Production Linked Incentive Scheme in ten key sectors to enhance exports as well as manufacturing.

The Prime Minister said, our actions today will shape our planet’s tomorrow. He said, the post covid-19 order will be about: Re-learning, re-thinking, re-innovating and re-inventing. This, along with a series of economic reforms in almost every field is what will re-energise our planet. He said this will ensure ‘Ease of Living’ and positively impact the poor as well as marginalised. He said several innovations that came out during the pandemic emerged from collaboration between the industry and academia. He said the world today needs viable solutions to adjust to the new normal.

Mr Modi added that the Government is working with many countries in South East Asia and Europe to  ensure  that our youngsters get an international platform to showcase their skills and learn from best  practices globally. He said India hosted the Vaibhav Summit which brought together top-quality talent in the fields of science and innovation. He said, this summit set the tone for future collaborations in science and innovation. The Prime Minister said India is witnessing a sea change in the way it works. He said, today, with the historic reforms in the Space sector, the last frontier before humanity has opened up to Indian talent.

The Prime Minister said, the collective force of the Pan-IIT movement can add momentum to the dream of becoming an Aatma Nirbhar Bharat or self-reliant India.

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