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World News – 17 Nov 2020

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi gives a clarion call for concerted action against terrorism at BRICS Summit.

New Delhi says reforms at the UN Security Council is the need of the hour.

US President elect Joe Biden urges Trump administration to facilitate the transition to fight the raging COVID pandemic.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison arrives in Tokyo ; Japan-Australia military pact high on the agenda.

Space X crew Dragon safely docks at the International Space Station.


Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi has said terrorism is the biggest problem in the world today. Addressing the 12th BRICS Summit via video conference this evening, he stressed that countries that give protection and support to terrorists must be held accountable. He expressed happiness that under Russia’s leadership, BRICS’ counter-terrorism strategy has been given final touch.

The Prime Minister emphasised that reforms in the UN Security Council are very important. He said India expects support from BRICS partners on this issue. He pointed out that several other international organizations are not functioning as per the contemporary realities & institutions like WTO, IMF, and WHO need improvement.



US President elect Joe Biden on Monday urged the Trump administration to facilitate the transition to the new administration to fight the raging COVID pandemic.

Cautioning the public that things are going to get worse before they get better, he said that the country needs to come together in a national strategy to combat the Coronavirus.



India’s permanent representative at the UN, Ambassador T S Tirumurti issued a strongly worded statement on the status of reform of the UN Security Council, UNSC.

Calling the UNSC an impaired organ, Ambassador Tirmurti described the Intergovernmental Negotiations akin a University debate platform rather than a serious resulted-oriented process.



Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that the COVID-19 is an opportunity to build resilient cities and systems for the future.

He added that the pandemic has shown that people are the biggest resources in our cities.

Addressing 3rd Annual Bloomberg New Economy Forum on the topic of cities in a post COVID world, he said that while cities are the engines of growth, the pandemic has exposed their vulnerabilities.



SCO Secretary General Vladimir Norov has said that economic cooperation will be in focus at the upcoming SCO Council of Heads of Government under India’s chairmanship on 30th November. He was addressing a press conference in Beijing on the results of the recently concluded SCO Summit. Our Beijing correspondent reports that citing Prime Minister Modi, Mr. Norov said with economic multilateralism and national capacity building, the SCO countries will be able to overcome the crisis of economic losses caused by the COVID 19 pandemic.



The Norwegian Nobel Committee said on Tuesday it was deeply concerned about the conflict in Tigray region and called on all parties to end violence.

The Committee had awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in 2019.

The United Nations refugee agency on Tuesday said that a major humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Ethiopia, with more than 27,000 people now having fled heavy fighting to Sudan.



Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison arrived in Tokyo Tuesday morning. He will meet his Japanese counterpart Yoshihide Suga.

A landmark military pact aimed at countering China’s growing influence in the South China Sea and over the Pacific island nations is on the agenda.

The visit comes as China announced it will conduct military training in the South China Sea from today till the end of this month.



According to WHO data, Global coronavirus infections crossed 54.55 million.

The Bangladesh government has taken a tough stance and has decided to use mobile courts in order to ensure that people wear masks.

Austria has entered into a national lockdown on Tuesday in a bid to bring its soaring coronavirus infections under control.

Pfizer has launched a pilot delivery program for its experimental COVID-19 vaccine in four U.S. states.



Chinese President Xi Jinping today said that China is prepared to have cooperation with India on COVID-19 vaccine. Speaking at the BRICS Summit through video conference, he said that Chinese companies are working with their Russian and Brazilian partners on phase-III clinical trials of vaccines. They are also prepared to have cooperation with South Africa and India. He further said that it is important to support WHO’s crucial leadership role in this endeavor.



Hurricane Iota made landfall in Nicaragua on Tuesday. blowing sustained winds of nearly 155 miles per hour this is the second giant storm to strike Central America this month.



In Thailand, the police fired water cannon and teargas at protesters marching on parliament on Tuesday.

In an escalation of the protests which erupted in July protesters demand the removal of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, and for reforms to the constitution and the monarchy.



NASA’s SpaceX Crew-1 arrived at the International Space Station ISS on Tuesday.

In a historic collaboration between NASA and privately owned SpaceX the crew, known as Crew Dragon comprising of three Americans and one Japanese astronaut emerged from the capsule and boarded the station.



Moving on to sports, In tennis, Russian Daniil Medvedev beat German Alexander Zverev in the ATP Finals in London. He will face Novak Djokovic next as the Serb defeated Argentina Diego Schwarzmann.


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