Thursday, December 2, 2021

Gunmen kill 19 people including students in attack on Kabul University

In Afghanistan, 19 people including students were killed and 22 others injured when gunmen stormed Kabul University today.

Authorities said, Afghan security forces shot the gunmen dead. Interior Ministry Spokesman Tariq Arian said, one of the attackers detonated explosives.

He said, the attack began around the time government officials were expected to arrive at the campus for the opening of an Iranian book fair.

The assault on Kabul University came about a week after a devastating attack on an education centre in the city which killed more than 40 students.

The Taliban denied involvement and condemned the attack.

The Islamic State Group has targeted education centres in Afghanistan in recent years.

Violence in Afghanistan has worsened in recent months even as the Taliban conduct peace talks with the government in Doha, Qatar.

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