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World News – 20 Oct 2020

World News

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NAMASKAR !  A warm welcome to ‘World News: an Indian perspective’, on All India Radio. This is Aditi Loomba bringing glimpses of major developments of the day from across the globe.


Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi urges citizens not to lower the guard against COVID-19, till a vaccine is developed.


Russia agrees to extend the New START deal by a year and freeze the total number of its nuclear warheads, if US follows suit.


UAE delegation arrives in Israel to cement normalisation of ties between the two nations.


184 countries join the WHO-led COVAX vaccine facility so far.


Tokyo Olympics to have cyberattack countermeasures in place, to prevent any attempts to derail the event.




Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi addressed the Nation today and urged the citizens not to remain complacent against COVID-19, till a vaccine is developed. He appealed that everyone must remain during the upcoming festival celebrations.


Mr. Modi hailed India’s fight against COVID-19 and said that the country is saving more lives as compared to other resource-rich countries of the world. He said, more than 9 million beds, 12 thousand quarantine centres and two thousand covid labs are available in the country. He praised the role of the frontline health workers in the fight against Corona virus.




Russia’s Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that the country would be ready to freeze its total number of nuclear warheads if the United States did the same in order to extend the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) by a year.


The offer, two weeks before the US presidential election, appeared to narrow the gap between the two sides over the fate of the New START agreement, which is due to expire in February.

The US last week rejected a Russian offer to unconditionally extend the pact for one year. It had said that any proposal that did not envisage freezing all nuclear warheads was a “non-starter”.




In a historic first visit by a Gulf Arab nation, a United Arab Emirates delegation arrived in Israel on Tuesday. It was accompanied by top US officials to cement the normalisation of ties between the two nations.


As part of the US-brokered deal, the two countries have agreed on visa-free travel for their nationals, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced. The two delegations also signed agreements on air transport and investment protection.


Though, Washington has said the deals would foster regional peace and stability, it has led to protests by the Palestinians. In Gaza, Hazem Qassem, a spokesman for the Islamist group Hamas, said: “Such a visit will only encourage the occupation to pursue the gradual annexation of West Bank lands.”




A mute button is going to be introduced in the final pre-election debate between US President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden, on the 22nd of October. The new measures have been brought in following a heated first debate marked by ill-tempered exchanges between the two leaders and frequent interruptions.


Over 30.2 million American voters have already cast their votes till yesterday. This week, more states will open their voting centres to avoid crowding on the election day.




China’s foreign ministry said the United States should immediately stop interfering in its internal affairs. The statement comes after Lobsang Sangay, the president of the Tibetan Central Administration (CTA), met the new US special coordinator on Tibet last week in Washington.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian described Sangay as an anti-China separatist. He asked the US Government to cease any official contact with him.


China seized control over Tibet in 1950 in what it describes as a “peaceful liberation”.


International human rights groups and Tibetan exiles routinely condemn what they call China’s oppressive rule in Tibetan areas.




India today participated in 18th meeting of Prosecutors General of Shanghai Co-operation Organisation via video conference. Representing India, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said India has zero tolerance to corruption and black money. More from our Beijing Correspondent:


India is keeping its engagements up at SCO. Today’s meeting of Prosecutors, agreed to strengthen cooperation in preventing and combating corruption, mutual legal assistance and exchange of regulatory legal acts. India will host the next meeting of Prosecutors General in 2021. SCO Law ministers met last week and SCO Trade Ministers will meet next week. The eight member bloc will meet for this year’s SCO Council of Heads of Govt on 30th Nov which will be hosted by India. The SCO Summit will be held in early November. Anshuman Mishra for AIR World News.



Trade between India and Vietnam has grown steadily and presently stands at 12.34 billion dollars in 2019-20. Speaking at the India Vietnam Business Forum today, India’s representative reaffirmed the growing bilateral trade and investment ties between India and Vietnam.

He added in the context of bilateral trade, more needs to be done to broaden and intensify the trade relations to achieve its full potential.




The World Statistics Day is being celebrated around the globe today, with the theme “Connecting the world with data we can trust”.


UN Chief Antonio Guterres said that current and reliable data are key to understanding our changing world. COVID19 has elevated the importance of data to save lives and recover better.




Now, lets take a look at the Coronavirus s from around the world. According to WHO data, the number of infected cases has crossed 40.11 million worldwide.


WHO Chief Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus has said that 184 countries have now joined the COVAX facility. Addressing the media in Geneva yesterday, he said, this facility aims to finance COVID-19 vaccines to be distributed fairly to both rich and poor countries.


Meanwhile, the Health Ministry of India today said that the country has recorded 310 cases per million in the last seven days, which is among the lowest globally. Over 6.7 million people have recovered from COVID-19, which is the highest in the world.



SPORTS- Moving onto sports:-

Japan’s chief government spokesman on Tuesday stated that Tokyo Olympics would be a success and there would be cyberattack countermeasures in place.


In Football, on the opening night of the UEFA Champions League, Paris Saint Germain will be taking on Manchester United, while Chelsea would be facing-off against Sevilla, amongst other matches.


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