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Prime Minister Stresses For Self Reliance In His Independence Day Address

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort on 15th August 2020 said, we shall be entering into the 75 years of our free existence. This is a momentous occasion. All 130 crore Indians have to make significant pledges for the coming two years. When we complete the 75 years of our freedom, we will be able celebrate the redemption of those pledges.

Our forefathers fought for this freedom with extreme commitment, utmost integrity, sincere penance, renunciation and sacrifice; we should never forget the way they laid their lives for Mother India. We should never forget that during this long and dark ages of slavery, not even a moment was lost when they were not moved by the desire for freedom. Prime Minister said

Under the leadership of Bapuji (Mahatma Gandhi), the great national awakening accompanied by mass movements, gave new impetus to the struggle for freedom. And so today we are blessed to be able to celebrate our Independence Day with such fervour.

In the entire World, in its war for independence, India kept marching with its head high with its strength of unity and collectively, the resolve for its bright future, its commitment and inspiration.

Mr. Modi said, in the midst of the Corona pandemic, 130 crore Indians pledged themselves to become self-reliant. Today self-reliance is etched in the mind of every Indian. We are also witnessing the realization of that dream of Self-Reliant India (“Aatma Nirbhar Bharat”).  “Self-reliant India” is not just a word, it has become a mantra for 130 crore countrymen.

We are just one step away from the 75th Anniversary of Independence, it is essential for a country like India to stand on its own, and to become self-reliant. Prime Minister expressed his full faith that India will realize this dream. The reason for this is the strength of the country’s citizens. Prime Minister felt proud of their talent. He also expressed his confidence in our youth and the country’s unparalleled women power. History is witness that whenever India resolves to do something, it does it.

Mr. Modi said, India has always followed the adage -‘Whole world is one family’. Veda says ‘वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्’ and Vinoba ji used to say ‘‘जय जगत’ i.e. hail the world. Therefore, the world is one family for us. So, alongside financial development, mankind and humanity should also get importance. And we follow this dictum.

Today the world is interconnected and inter-dependent. So, it is the need of the hour that a vast country like India should increase its contribution to the world economy. It is also India’s duty towards world welfare. If India wants to increase its contribution then she herself will have to be empowered; she will have to be self-reliant or ‘Aatma Nirbhar’. We must make ourselves capable of contributing towards world welfare. If our roots are strong and we are capable enough, we will be able to take steps towards world welfare.

Prime Minister in his Independence Day address said, our country has plenty of natural resources. The need of the hour is that we should start value addition of our natural resources and human resources for taking the country to new heights. He pondered, how long shall we continue to export raw material to the world? How long will the process of exporting raw material and importing finished goods continue? We will have to become self-reliant soon. We will have to resort to value addition of our capabilities as per the world’s requirements. That is our responsibility.

Our strength-is the strength of self-reliance in agriculture-value addition is also necessary in this sector. Our farm sector needs to evolve in line with requirements of world; Value addition is required for our farm sector

The country is taking several new initiatives. We have opened up the space sector. The youth of the country is getting opportunities. When India becomes powerful in the space sector, neighbouring countries also get its benefits. If we become powerful in the energy sector, India can help those countries that want to dispel their darkness. When the country’s health infrastructure becomes self-reliant, then India becomes a preferred country as a destination for health tourism. Therefore, it is necessary to see to it that ‘Make in India’ products get appreciated in the world. History is a witness to the fact that there was a time when the products made in our country by our skilled manpower were used to get appreciated all over the world, said the Prime Minister in his address.

Script: Padam Singh, AIR: News Analyst

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