Friday, January 28, 2022

New, Renewable Energy Ministry helps Ladakh’s people to generate electricity

In Ladakh, Shortage of electricity remains a major challenge for people living in far-flung areas which remain cut-off from rest of the country during winter. To address this Issue Government is focusing on Renewable energy and according to the Prime Minister, Ladakh will be a Carbon Free Union Territory in India.

In places like Ladakh, schemes initiated by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) have been a boon as they help people generate electricity locally without harming their environment in any way. These schemes not only helps lighting the houses but also open avenues for employment particularly the renewable sector is becoming an industry in Ladakh which is directly or indirectly helping the youths to earn a living, the energy man of Ladakh Kacho Ahmad Khan, Project Director KREDA said.

Referring to the Success of the Biaras Hydro Project which is completing its successful three years giving electricity to the people of Drass (he Second Inhabited Place in the World) even under -43 Degree Temperature, he added that KREDA focuses on solar and small-hydro power projects.

Talking about the importance of these Project Kacho Ahmad Khan Said that Most of these projects are located in far-flung and remote areas to ensure that local communities and individuals are able to generate electricity with locally available resources like water and solar energy while also ensuring that they do not damage or exhaust these resources.

Raj Kumar from Punjab, a Carpenter, who is working in Tai Suru Village from the last 5 years earlier used to run Generator for doing his routine work is now getting the benefit of Chilong Hydro Project one of the Project of KREDA. Mohammad Hassan again from Tai Suru counting the benefits of the Project said that now the study of the children as well as cost of heating during winter has been benefited as people are happy with the successful commission of the Chilong Hydro Project by KREDA.

KREDA has helped the unemployed youths of Kargil by its improved Solar Green House with Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet having benefited increased duration of Growing season as compared to the normal polysheet green house.

The potential of Renewable Energy in Ladakh has a tremendous Scope and using this for benefitting the people in increasing the working season will get further strengthen in current Union Territory System as more and more such projects will get sanctioned by the Government and we are submitting new project under solar, hydro, wind and thermal energy.

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