Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Prime Minister Says Self-Reliance Is The Way Forward

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his monthly Mann ki Baat programme on All India Radio said, Mann Ki Baat has now attained the halfway mark in its journey for the year 2020. During this period, naturally, most of the issues in the broadcast revolved around the global pandemic; the calamity that confronted the human race but, now the endless topic of discussion among people is, “when will this year go by!” People just want the year to be over, one way or the other. The Prime Minister said.

Just 6-7 months ago, we knew little about the catastrophe that Corona is, nor had one expected the fight to go on this long! As if one calamity weren’t enough, the country has had to face an unending slew of challenges, day after day. Our east coast had to face the fury of cyclone Amphan; on the West coast it was cyclone Nisarga. In many states, our farmers had to bear the brunt of swarming locust. Many parts of the country have been witnessing intermittent earthquakes. Amidst all these, the country has had to deal with the designs of some of our neighbours. We have come to a stage where people are linking even minor incidents to these challenges.

Mr. Modi said, adversities and calamities do descend upon us; but, historically, India has always emerged brighter and stronger, ensuring victory over all kinds of disasters and challenges. For centuries, many tyrants invaded India pushing her to the edge of such an abyss of adversities that people once used to feel that the very idea, the fabric of Bharat would be wiped out; her culture would be annihilated. But India overcame these scourges, and gloriously so. Indians are familiar with our adage- ‘Creation is permanent…. creation is continuous.’

The Prime Minister said, irrespective of the magnitude of the calamity confronting us, India’s sanskar, way of life inspires one and all to serve selflessly. India extended her helping hand to the world during difficult times, it has reinforced India’s role in ushering in peace and development. The world also noticed India’s commitment and might when it comes to safeguarding her sovereignty and territorial integrity. Those who cast an evil eye on Indian soil in Ladakh have got a befitting response. India honours the spirit of friendship; but, she is also capable of giving an appropriate response to any adversary, without shying away. Our brave soldiers have proven that they will not let anyone cast an evil eye on the glory and honour of Mother India.

Mr. Modi said, the entire country came together in paying tributes to the bravery of our jawans who attained martyrdom in Ladakh. The entire country bows to them in reverence, with gratitude. The resolve with which our jawans made the supreme sacrifice for the security of Mother India, should be the aim of our lives. We all should strive towards enhancing the country’s capabilities in safeguarding our borders. A self-reliant India would be a tribute to our martyrs in the truest, deepest sense.

Before independence, in the realm of the defence sector, our country was ahead of many countries in the world. Many countries that lagged behind us then, are ahead of us now. After independence, we should have made efforts in the defence sector, taking advantage of our prior experience; we did not. But today, in the field of defence-technology, India is relentlessly endeavouring to advance on those fronts. India is taking strides towards self-reliance. The Prime Minister said.

No mission can be successfully achieved without people’s participation; observed Prime Minister Modi. On the path towards a self-reliant India, as citizens, our collective resolve, commitment and support is necessary; rather imperative. When we buy ‘local’, become vocal for local, we play a role in strengthening the country.

The country has moved out of the lockdown phase to the unlock phase. During the unlock period, we need to focus deeply on two points-defeating corona and bolstering the economy. We have to stay more vigilant compared to the lockdown period. Only our alertness can save us from corona. We all should wear a mask, observe the two-yard social distancing norms and take other precautions. Prime Minister urged all countrymen not to be negligent and to take care of themselves and others too.

Script: Padam Singh: AIR: News Analyst

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