Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Prime Minister Presents Roadmap For Post Corona India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the nation for the 4th time since the beginning of the national lockdown, said that India has shown its resolute will to stop the spread of the covid19 virus. India has fared much better than many other nations. Prime Minister said the virus has destroyed the world. Billions of people around the world are facing a crisis. The World is engaged in a battle to save precious lives. We have never seen or heard of such a crisis. This crisis unprecedented for mankind.

We need to remain vigilant, closely monitor it, follow the rules of engagements to save ourselves and move ahead. Today, when the world is in crisis, we must strengthen our resolve to overcome the crisis.

The Prime Minister observed, as a nation, today we stand at a very crucial juncture. The covid19 has brought a message and an opportunity. He said, when the Corona crisis started, not a single PPE kit was made in India. The N-95 masks were produced in small quantities. But, today we are producing 2 lakh PPE and 2 lakh N-95 masks daily. We were able to do this because India turned this crisis into an opportunity.

This vision of India – turning crisis into opportunity- is going to prove equally effective for our resolve of self-reliant India, the Indian Prime Minister said.

Mr. Modi further observed, India’s goals and actions impact the global welfare.India’s campaigns have influenced the world. International Solar Alliance is India’s gift against Global Warming. The International Yoga Day is India’s gift to relieve stress. Indian medicines have given a fresh lease of life to the people in different parts of the world. These steps have brought laurels for India and it makes every Indian feel proud. The world is beginning to believe that India can do much good for the welfare of mankind.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented his blue-print for a self-reliant India that will stand on five Pillars. The First Pillar the Prime Minister said is the Indian Economyan economy that brings Quantum Jump rather than Incremental change. Second Pillar is Infrastructure, which can become the identity of modern India. Third Pillar is Our System, which is driven by technology which can fulfil the dreams of the 21st century; a system not based on the policy of the past century. Our Vibrant Demography is the Fourth Pillar, it is our strength and source of energy for self-reliant India.

The fifth pillar is Demand. The cycle of demand and supply chain in our economy, is the strength that needs to be harnessed to its full potential. In order to increase demand in the country and to meet this demand, every stake-holder in our supply chain needs to be empowered.

Prime Minister Modi announced a special economic package with a new resolution. This economic package will serve as an important link in the ‘Atma-Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan” (Self Reliant India Campaign)‘.

The economic package is valued at Rs. 20 lakh crores. This package is about 10 percent of India’s GDP. With this, various sections of the country and those linked to economic system will get support and strength of 20 lakh crore rupees. This package will give a new impetus to the development journey of the country in 2020 and a new direction to the Self-reliant India campaign. In order to prove the resolve of a self-reliant India, Land, Labour, Liquidity and Laws all have been emphasized in this package.

This economic package is for India’s cottage industry, home industry, small-scale industry, MSMEs. This economic package is for the labourers, the farmers, who are working day and night for the countrymen in every situation, every season. This economic package is for India’s middle classes, which pays taxes honestly and contributes to the development of the country. This economic package is for Indian industries, which are determined to give a boost to the economic potential of India.

It is now imperative for the country to move forward with the commitment of Bold Reforms to create a self-reliant India. These reforms will be for, rational tax system, simple and clear rules-of-law, good infrastructure, capable and competent human resources, and building strong financial system. These reforms will encourage business, attract investment and strengthen our resolve for ‘Make in India’.

Script: KAUSHIK ROY, AIR: News Analyst

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