Friday, December 3, 2021

Prime Minister Hails People’s. Fight Against Covid19

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Mann ki Baat programme broadcast over All India Radio network on Sunday 26th April 2020; thanked the people of India for their collective fight against the coronavirus.

Mr. Modi said that the people-driven and people-centric measures adopted during the nationwide lockdown has become the talking point of global policy makers.

Prime Minister urged the Indian youth to come forward and showcase India’s rich medical tradition of Ayurveda. The ancient Indian science of healing has many solutions to vexed problems afflicting the people. Mr. Modi also called upon the youth to innovate during this crucial time. Innovation holds the key to a safer and prosperous future.

The Indian Prime Minister during his radio address said, a new face of the Indian police has emerged. He said that moving beyond the call of duty to maintain law and order; police personnel all over the country today are in the forefront of providing food, relief and also help to the ordinary citizens. Prime Minister mentioned that many people were even taken to hospitals by the police on emergency.

Mr. Modi said the recent Ordinance for ensuring safety to the doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and other frontline covid19 warriors was the need of the day.He told the people that attacks against corona warriors are a blot in civilized societies and people breaking the law would be taken to task.

Prime Minister said that the coronavirus pandemic and the resultant lockdown has had some positive effects too. The pandemic has broken the normal routine. It has made people think about priorities in a new way. A post corona world would be different from the way we lived earlier. India has displayed that simple living with minimum necessities is the best way to live life.

The Indian Prime Minister said that we should not let go of our guard and become complacent or overconfident. If the virus has not reached our neighbourhoods or homes, we should remain vigilant even then. Many countries had to pay a heavy price as they threw caution to the winds.

Prime Minister Modi once again urged the people to remain indoors during the lockdown period. He said some restrictions would be needed even after the lockdown is lifted. He said that maintaining a distance of 2 yards between people is extremely important now.

The Prime Minister also thanked the people for celebrating some festivals that occurred during the lockdown; by remaining indoors and in a very simple manner. He greeted the people on Akshay Tritiya and commencement of the Holy month of Ramzan. He expressed the hope that people would adhere to the guidelines of the local authorities while observing fast and prayers. He also thanked the Muslim clerics and community elders who have appealed to the people to refrain from gatherings and public prayers during the lockdown.

Prime Minister said that the battle against coronavirus can be won by dedication, resolve and by not panicking in emergency situations.

Script: KAUSHIK ROY, AIR: News Analyst

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