Sunday, December 5, 2021

PM Modi hands over his twitter account to seven women achievers for the day to share their life journey with people

Prime Minister Narendra Modi handed over his twitter account to seven women achievers. In a tweet Mr. Modi said, he is signing off for the day and through the day and the women achievers will share their life journey with people through his social media accounts. He called upon people to keep celebrating the achievements of such women and learning from them.

Sharing her life journey on the Prime Minister’s Twitter account, Sneha Mohandoss said she started the initiative called Foodbank India after being inspired by her mother. She wished to inspire fellow citizens, especially women to come forward and join hands with her.

Sharing her views, disability activist and motivational speaker Dr Malvika Iyer felt that attitude is half the battle in destigmatizing disability. Malvika survived a gruesome bomb blast at the age of 13 that blew off her hands and severely damaging legs. Yet, she worked and went on to get her PhD.

Talking about her life journey on the Twitter handle of Prime Minister Narendra Modi water conservationist Kalpana Ramesh said, small efforts can make a big impact. She said, water is a valuable inheritance and called upon people not to deprive the next generations from it. Ms Ramesh said, people can contribute by using water responsibly, harvesting rainwater, saving lakes, recycling used water and creating awareness. She urged people to be a water warrior.

Ms Ramesh said, she never imagined that she could bring back birds to a lake or tweet from the Prime Minister’s handle. She said, with a firm resolve, the impossible can emerge and people can bring a change in the communities with collective action on management water resources.

Namda craft artisan Arifa from Kashmir tweeted about her life journey and said, she always dreamt of reviving the traditional crafts of Kashmir because it is a means to empower local women. She said, her first business activity was participating in an exhibition of handmade items in New Delhi and the exhibit attracted a good clientele and a turnover.

Ms Arifa said, when tradition meets modernity, wonders can happen and she experienced it in her work which is designed to suit the modern day market. She said, she feels it is important for more women to focus on becoming self-reliant and help other women. Ms Arifa acknowledged that the gesture by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has boosted her morale and it will help her to work harder for the betterment of craft as well as the artisans all over Kashmir.

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