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UN General Assembly adopts India's resolution to declare 2023 as International Year of Millets            Prime Minister Narendra Modi says, India is honored to be at forefront of popularizing Millets            BJP CEC meets in New Delhi in wake of upcoming Assembly Elections            External Affairs Minister, Dr. S. Jaishanker visits Dhaka, says, Bangladesh is central to India's neighborhood first Policy            India commemorates Chabahar Day, External Affairs Minister says, Chabahar port facilitated delivery of humanitarian assistance during COVID-19 pandemic           

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NAMASKAR ! A warm welcome to'World News: an Indian perspective', on All India Radio. This is MANOJ SINGHRANA and with me is VAIBHAV JYOTSNA SRIVASTAVA bringing glimpses of majordevelopments of the day from across the globe. Over the next half an hour, weshall bring you the latest from the world of politics, economy, sports,entertainment and more.

As the world fights theCOVID-19 pandemic, we begin the programme with a message of caution to staysafe and protected by following these three simple steps:

Wear a face mask.

Maintain social distancing.

Focus on hand and face hygiene. 



India to begin COVID vaccines supply toneighbours and key partners tomorrow;

Independent Review Panel criticises China's responseto the COVID pandemic; Says China should have reacted sooner to the outbreak

Capitol Hill goes into temporary lockdown ahead of President-elect Joe Biden'sswearing in ceremony on Wednesday.

Government of India asks Social Media PlatfarmWhatsApp to withdraw recent changes in privacy policy.

And in cricket, An embattled Team India beatsAustralia in a spectacular team effort; India clinches the series and theBorder-Gavaskar Trophy



Prime Minister Narendra Modihas said that supplies of Covid vaccines to several countries will commencefrom tomorrow and more will follow in the days ahead. In a tweet, Mr Modi said,India is deeply honoured to be a long-trusted partner in meeting the healthcareneeds of the global community.

External Affairs Minister ofIndia, Dr. S Jaishankar said that India fulfils commitment to give vaccines tohumanity and supplies to neighbours will start on 20th January. In a tweet, theMinister added that as the Pharmacy of the World, India will deliver toovercome the COVID challenge.

The External AffairsMinistery of India in a statement confirmed that supplies under grantassistance to Bhutan, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar and Seychelles willbegin from 20 January 2021 to help fight the COVID pandemic.

The Government of India hasreceived several requests for the supply of Indian manufactured vaccines fromneighbouring and key partner countries and the move is in keeping with India’sstated commitment to use India’s vaccine production and delivery capacity tohelp all of humanity fight the Covid pandemic.

It added that India willcontinue to supply COVID-19 vaccines keeping in view the domestic requirements of the phased rollout.

A training programme, coveringadministrative and operational aspects, is being conducted on 19-20 January2021 prior to the delivery of vaccines, it added.

India had earlier suppliedimportant health equipments to a large number of countries during the COVID19pandemic and provided training to several neighbouring countries to enhance andstrengthen their clinical capabilities, under the Partnerships for AcceleratingClinical Trials (PACT) programme apart from the training courses  under the Indian Technical and EconomicCooperation (ITEC) programme.

In an ongoing effort, Indiawill continue to supply countries all over the world with vaccines. This willbe calibrated against domestic requirements and international demand andobligations, including under GAVI’s Covax facility to developing countries.



An independent panelreviewing the global handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has criticised China forits response to the Coronavirus outbreak in the initial phases on Monday.

The report said that it isclear to the panel that public health measures could have been applied moreforcefully by local and national health authorities in China in January.January saw the  initial outbreak of thenew disease in the central city of Wuhan, in Hubei province.

The panel also criticized theWorld Health Organization(WHO) and China saying that they should have reactedsooner in the early stages of the pandemic.

It added that as evidence onhuman to human transmission  emerged, itwas ignored in  far too many countries.

The panel also questioned whythe WHO's Emergency Committee did not meet until the third week of January oflast year and did not declare an international emergency until January 30.

The report said that Chineseofficials could have applied public health measures more forcefully in Januarylast year to curb the initial COVID-19 outbreak.

The panel is led by formerNew Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark and former Liberian President EllenJohnson Sirleaf and issued its first interim report last year.



The Chinese mainland onMonday reported 209 new COVID-19 cases, including 91 new asymptomatic cases.China’s Hebei recorded 990 COVID cases since Jan 2.

After Beijing's southerndistrict Daxing reported one confirmed COVID-19 case and one asymptomaticpatient on Monday, local authorities have put a total of 1,081 faculty membersand students from a school where the confirmed patient studies under collectivequarantine in 17 hotels for further health status monitoring, local officialssaid on Tuesday.

The capital city still faceda severe epidemic prevention and control situation in fending off the risksbrought by imported cases and the resurgence of domestically transmitted ones,Xu Hejian, spokesperson of the Beijing municipal government, told a pressconference on Tuesday. To curb imported infections, capital Beijing continuedto ramp up prevention measures by enforcing total 28 days health managementpolicy for overseas arrivals at customs entry.



German Chancellor AngelaMerkel and the country's 16 state premiers are are in talks over extension oflockdown in the country on Tuesday afternoon. The nation is grappling with a new strain of the virus and stable butpersistently high infection rates. The current restrictions are set to expireat the end of the month.

Since early November, Germanyhas closed schools, non-essential shops, bars and restaurants under a lockdown.The leaders are mulling even tougher restrictions, as the number of new infectionshas not been substantially reduced.



In Portugal, stricterlockdown are being enacted with the the government announcing new rules onMonday. The country is reportedly witnessing a surging COVID-19 pandemic.

Prime Minister António Costasaid too many people had taken advantage of exceptions included in the lockdownthat began last Friday, with authorities reporting 70 percent of normalmovement over the weekend.



The President-elect of theUnited States of America, Joe Biden's office dismissed incumbent PresidentDonald Trump's announcement of a lifting of travel ban on Monday. PresidentTrump on Monday announced that  thCovid-19 ban on travelers arriving from much of Europe and Brazil would belifted.

Jen Psaki, Biden'sSpokesperson to Joe Biden announced that the Administration does not intend tolift the travel restrictions on the 26th of January based on the advice oftheir medical team.

She further tweeted that theincoming administration in fact, plans to strengthen public health measuresaround international travel in order to further mitigate the spread ofCOVID-19.

She added that with thepandemic worsening, and more contagious variants emerging around the world, itis not the time to be lifting restrictions on international travel.

Earlier in the day, PresidentTrump said in a statement he would lift the travel ban on Europe and Brazilwhile travel bans for China and Iran would remain in place.



Taking ahead itsneighbourhood first policy, India will be sharing the COVID 19 vaccine with itsneighbouring countries. While the vaccination programme against COVID 19 hasalready been started in India a few days back, it will be providing the vaccinewith Bangladesh as gift. Our Dhaka Correspondent has sent  this report-


India will provide 2 milliondoses of COVID 19 vaccines as gift to Bangladesh. The vaccine is expected toarrive in Bangladesh on Thursday. The officials of the health ministry ofBangladesh are making preparations for receiving the vaccines from India.

This will be in addition to30 million doses of the vaccine for which a tripartite agreement has been donebetween Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Serum Institute of India and thegovernment of Bangladesh. Health Minister of Bangladesh Zahid Maleque told themedia in Dhaka today that the vaccination program will begin with the dosesgifted by India. He said about 2 lakh people will be vaccinated on a dailybasis. The Health Ministry has made elaborate arrangements for the vaccinationprogramme. More than 7 thousand teams of health workers are being deployed allover the country. Training programmes are being conducted for them for the rollout of the vaccination programme from the first week of February. Taking thecooperation in fighting COVID 19 further, India and Bangladesh are workingtogether to train the trainers for the start of the vaccination programme. Theinaugural virtual programme for the training of the trainer was conductedtoday.

The vaccination programmewill be conducted in hospitals and diagnostic centres. The government has saidthat it will bear the cost of treatment in case any adverse effect of thevaccine is reported. AIR NEWS RAJESH JHA,DHAKA<>



President of Sri Lanka,Gotabaya Rajapaksa congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the successfulroll out of the COVID19 vaccine. In a tweet he also praised what he called Mr.Modi's generosity towards friendly neighbouring countries.

Prime Minister Modi thankedPresident Rajapaksa and assured that India will contrinue to give dueimportance to its Neighborhood First policy while collectively fighting thepandemic.



India on Monday asserted thatpeace and stability in West Asia and North Africa is of vital interest toIndia.  India's permanent representativeto the UN, Ambassador Tirumurti was speaking at the UN Security Council onthe  Cooperation between the UN andregional and subregional organizations such as the League of Arab States. Inhis address, he said that 9 million Indians live in Arab countries and extendedgratitude for the assitance extended to Vande Bharat Mission by thesecountries.

Ambassador Tirumurti saidthat the league of Arab States plays an important role in the region. He saidthat the conflict in Syria, Libya and Yemen are affecting larger region.

Stating that any attempts atbringing peace and stability in the region should put humans at the centre andalleviate their suffering.

He also noted that regionaland international involvment in the region should be aimed at ensuringreconciliation and peace and not pull parties apart. He asserted that Indiabelieves an Intra Country led process and not an externally imposed solution isthe way ahead.

Ambassador Tirumurti welcomedthe recent developments normalization of relations between Israel and the Arabnations such as the signing of the Abraham Accords , peace and staility to westAsia.

However, he reiteratedIndia's support to the legitimate aspirations to statehood of the Palestinianpeople, endorsed a two-state solution based on peaceful negotiation whilesupporting Israel's security concerns.



Indian Air Force and FrenchAir and Space Force will conduct a bilateral Air exercise, Desert Knight-21 atAir Force Station Jodhpur starting tomorrow. French side will participate withRafale, Airbus A-330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT), A-400M TacticalTransport aircraft and approximately 175 personnel. The Indian Air Forceaircraft participating in the exercise will include Mirage 2000, Su-30 MKI,Rafale, IL-78 Flight Refuelling Aircraft, AWACS and AEW&C aircraft.



India has announced that thevintage Dakota aircraft will feature in the 72nd Republic Day celebrations ofIndia. The Dakota Aircraft played a crucial role in the Bangladeshi LiberationWar.

Earlier Bangladesh informedthat a 122 member strong Bangladesh armed forces contingent will take part inthe Republic Day parade on the 26 January.



The Indian Government hasasked Social Media Platfarm WhatsApp to withdraw the recent changes in itsprivacy policy terming them unilateral, unfair and unacceptable. The Ministryof Electronics and Information Technology has written a strongly worded letterto WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart regarding the proposed changes to the WhatsAppTerms of Service and Privacy Policy. It said that the changes without givingusers an option to opt-out, raise grave concerns regarding the implications forthe choice and autonomy of Indian citizens. It said, India is home to thelargest user base of WhatsApp globally and is one of  the biggest markets for its services. The ITMinistry has asked WhatsApp to withdraw the proposed changes and reconsider itsapproach to information privacy, freedom of choice and data security. It said,with over 400 million users in India, the changes will have a disproportionateimpact on the country's citizens. The Ministry has asked WhatsApp to providedetails of the services provided by it in India, categories of data collectedand permissions and consents sought.



Bangladesh has urged Myanmarto expedite the verification of Rohingyas to facilitate their repatriation tothe Rakhine province. Bangladesh has handed over a list of 8 lakh 40 thousandRohingya refugees to Myanmar but Myanmar has reportedly verified only about42,000 biometric data of the Rohingyas.

Foreign Secretary ofBangladesh Masud Bin Momen briefed the media after the virtual tripartitemeeting between Bangladesh, Myanmar and China on Tuesday. He said that bothMyanmar and China have responded positively to Dhaka’s proposal of keepingpresence of international community including the UN, India, Japan and ASEAN inthe process of Rohingya repatriation. He expressed the hope that theinternational community will play a constructive role in resolving the Rohingyaissue.



External Affairs Minister DrS Jaishankar today hosted a lunch-discussion with High Commissioners andAmbassadors of Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, Rwanda, Botswana, Burundi, Zimbabweand Ethiopia. In a tweet, Dr Jaishankar said the conversation covered COVIDrecovery, vaccines, air travel and digital experiences. The Minister said, healso spoke about India’s current priorities and challenges and assured them ofIndia’s interest in an early India Africa Forum Summit.



India's Foreign Secretary Mr.Harshvardhan Shringla has said that India, France and Japan are leadingstakeholders in the Indo-Pacific region.

Making the introductoryremarks at the India-France-Japan Workshop on the Indo-Pacific, Mr. Shringlanoted that the EU is also working on it’s strategy for the Indo-Pacific.

He said that India’sIndo-Pacific strategy was enunciated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in aspeech in Singapore in 2018 as the SAGAR doctrine which stands for"Security and Growth for All in the Region”. He said that this envisagesan Indo-Pacific guided by norms and governed by rules, with freedom ofnavigation, open connectivity, and respect for the territorial integrity andsovereignty of all states, is an article of faith for India. He stated thatIndia has sought to achieve this by becoming a net security provider in theregion.

Commenting on Indo-Japancooperation in the region, he said that  India’s SAGAR vision andJapan’s Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP) are convergent principles.



In the United States ofAmerica Capitol Hill went into a temporary lockdown ahead of President-electJoe Biden's inauguration day, after a fire broke out under a nearby bridge onMonday.The US Secret Service informed that the fire that prompted the lockdownwas extinguished and there is no threat to the public.

The US Capitol and itssurrounding areas have been turned into a military zone ahead of Joe Biden'sinauguration day tomorrow. Elaborate security arrangements have been made inthe wake of the Capitol Hill riots, which has shaken the country's confidence andput scrutiny on law enforcement and safety in Washington.

On the 6th of January, agroup of Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol building to protest againstlegislators confirming Joe Biden's electoral victory in the presidentialelections held in November last year.



US Vice President-electKamala Harris has formally submitted a letter of resignation for her Senateseat to California Governor Gavin Newsom, ending her four-year career in thechamber.

Harris will sworn as the firstfemale, first Black and first South Asian woman Vice President of the UnitedStates tomorrow. She will also serve as the President of the Senate, which willallow her to preside over the chamber and break 50-50 ties.

Harris, who was also thefirst Black woman to serve as a senator for the Golden State, won her seat inNovember 2016 and was sworn in January 2017. At the time, Harris wasCalifornia's Attorney General.

Newsom has named California'ssecretary of state, Alex Padilla, to fill Harris' seat.



The First Lady of the USA,Melania Trump issued a farewell message on Monday ahead of President elect JoeBiden swearing in as the President of the United States tomorrow.

In a video release by theWhite House, Ms. Melania, thanked frontline healthworkers, armed forces, nursesamongst others in their fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

As she bade farewell, MelaniaTrump shared a message for the parents and caregivers in the country.



Asian stocks today gainedahead of a speech by US Treasury Secretary nominee Janet Yellen in which she isexpected to call for expansive government action to bolster the Americaneconomy.

Experts said, Asia isexpected to bounce back this year from the pandemic hit losses and the regionwill perform better than the European and US stocks.



In yet another miningaccident in South West China on Tuesday, four miners are missing after anaccident happened due to excess levels of carbon monoxide in a coal mine inBijie, southwest China's Guizhou Province. The accident took place in Ruifengcoal mine in Dafang county at 7:20 am on Tuesday, the state Televisionreported. A total of 47 minors were working when the accident happened and 43of them have been evacuated safely.

Two carbon monoxide overloadaccidents have been reported in the past few months in Southwest China,resulting in 39 deaths. Meanwhile, rescuers are still trying to reach the 22trapped miners in East China's Shandong Province who got trapped due to anexplosion in a gold mine on January 10. As reported by state media, rescueteams have established contact with 12 of the miners. Contact has not yet beenmade with the other 10 miners.



Tens of thousands ofinternational students waiting for the last one year to return to theiruniversities in China have written an open letter to the  Chinese government demanding a clear schedulefor the phased return to their campuses. The letter posted on Facebook claimedto be signed by tens of thousands of overseas students demanded that their casemay be treated like an education emergency and they be allowed to come backlike other international travelers and business people as it's been more than ayear of uncertainty.

The Chinese Foreign Ministrywithout giving any clarity said that China attaches high importance to theprotection of rights of the overseas students.



Italian Prime MinisterGiuseppe Conte won a crucial confidence vote in the Chamber of Deputies onMonday. The country was brought to the verge of a political crisis after ajunior partner quit his coalition last week.

Mr. Conte’s government wonthe lower-house vote by 321 to 259. However, the incumbent Prime Minister willface a tougher test today in the upper house Senate.

Ahead of the vote, Mr. Contereportedly pleaded for lawmakers' support as the country struggles to battlethe coronavirus pandemic.



The International film festivalof India, IFFI completed its 4th day today at Panaji. IFFI is set to continuetill 24th of January. More from today's events from our correspondent --

Director of India PanoramaFilms 'Bridge' Kripal Kalita and Director of '100 Years of Chrysostom - ABiographical Film' Blessy Ipe Thomas, addressed press today and shared theirideas behind making of the movies. Bridge is an unusual inspiring story ofteenager girl in flood affected region. Dearth of bridge in that area aggravatesvarious problems in that area. Portraying to move ahead despite problems andhurdles is the message in the film depicting thereby that life must go on.

A biographical documentary“100 Years of Chrysostum” received Guinness Award in the category of longestdocumentary. The “100 Years of Chrysostum” is based on the life of PhiliposeMar Chrysostum, ed and directed by filmmaker Blessy.

The Director of In our world,Shred Shreedhar while addressing press said that the awareness film depicts thereality and how it is dealt with by the world. It is story of 3 autisticchildren. Pains of parents and children are shown in this film with a motive toeducate and make all aware of the needs of autistic children.With  Tushar Jadhav, Mukesh Thali, for Air Newsfrom Panaji ,Goa.Chandrashekhar Pusalkar, grandson of the father of IndianCinema Dada Saheb Phalke said that Dada Saheb Phalke was the visionary whopropagated ‘Make in India’ and brought Aatma Nirbharta’ to the Indian cinemasector. In his films, Dadasaheb always used local artists and propagated theinclusion of indigenous locations and technical support, he added. Pusalkar wasspeaking on the side-lines IFFI in Panaji which pays homage to Dada Saheb onthe occasion of his 150th birth anniversary. With Tushar Jadhav, Mukesh Thali for Air News, Panaji Goa. 



IFFI  provides an opportunity for the filmenthusiasts and amateur film makers to learn about the craft from film makersaround the world. Various sessions today threw light different aspects of thefilms. More from our Panaji correspondent:

Chandrashekhar Pusalkar,grandson of the father of Indian Cinema Dada Saheb Phalke said that Dada SahebPhalke was the visionary who propagated ‘Make in India’ and brought AatmaNirbharta’ to the Indian cinema sector. In his films, Dadasaheb always usedlocal artists and propagated the inclusion of indigenous locations andtechnical support, he added. Pusalkar was speaking on the side-lines IFFI inPanaji which pays homage to Dada Saheb on the occasion of his 150th birthanniversary.  With Tushar Jadhav, MukeshThali for Air News, Panaji Goa. 



India strongly condemned theattack on peacekeepers of MINUSCA in the Central African Republic, that resultedin the death of a peacekeeper from Rwanda on the 13th of January and one fromBurundi on the 15th of January. In a statement, India's External AffairsMinistry remembered the three Burundian MINUSCA peacekeepers who had laid downtheir lives on 25 December last year.

The statement extendedIndia's deepest condolences to the bereaved families of the peacekeepers fromRwanda and Burundi, and also wish for the speedy recovery of the injured.



Now let us take a look at themajor developments around the world, as reported in the foreign press:

The New York Timesreports  Janet Yellen, nominated to bethe next Treasury secretary, will tell lawmakers that the U.S. needs a robustfiscal stimulus program to get the economy back on track.

Wall Street Journal writesthat Biden’s inauguration speech will emphasize themes of unity and recovery.

UAE based Gulf News reportingon India's vaccination rollout says that Digital portal, trained vaccinatorsand cold storage units are part of the ambitious plan.

Moscow Times, reportsthat  the Kremlin on Tuesday dismissedWestern demands to release top opposition politician Alexei Navalny andcriticized his calls for mass demonstrations.

Brazil's Rio Times writes thateconomic activity in Brazil Grows for 7th Month, but Points to a Slower Pace.



In Cricket, India todayed history by defeating Australia by three wickets in the fourth andfinal Test at the Gabba in Brisbane and retained the Border-Gavaskar Trophy.India successfully chased the 328-run target to seal the four-match series 2-1.

This was the first defeat for Australia attheir fortress Gabba in 32 years as Rishabh Pant's brilliant unbeaten 89,Shubman Gill's 91, and Cheteshwar Pujara's 56 run knock in the second inningsguided India to the memorable Test series win. Man of the match Rishabh Pantsaid in the post-match presentation that this is one of the biggest moments ofhis life.

Earlier, the visitors resumedtheir second innings play this morning with all wickets intact. Chasing 328runs for victory, India had scored four for no loss after bowling Australia outfor 294 after tea on day four yesterday. Steve Smith with 55 runs was the topscorer for Australia in their second innings.

For India, right-arm fastbowler Mohammed Siraj picked up his maiden five-wicket haul. Shardul Thakurclaimed four wickets while debutant off-spinner Washington Sundar scalped theremaining one.

India had posted 336 in replyto Australia's first inning score of 369, conceding a 33-run lead.

President Ram Nath Kovind hascongratulated Indian Cricket team for winning the test series against Australia.In a tweet, Mr Kovind said, a historic cricketing triumph ed inAustralia. He said, the team showed exceptional skills and resilience.President said, the nation is proud of their achievement.


India is celebrating the151st birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Before we end, let us listen to hisfavourite bhajan VAISHNAV JAN, by artists from ARGENTINA.



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