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Police Commemoration Day being observed today; Govt working to make border impregnable by linking technology with human force, says Amit Shah            Campaigning for first phase of Bihar Assembly Elections gains momentum; scrutiny of nomination papers for third phase underway            India returns missing Chinese soldier who strayed across LAC            COVID-19 recovery rate in country reaches 88.81 pct            IPL: Kolkata Knight Riders to take on Royal Challengers Bangalore at Abu Dhabi           

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  • 'Fitness Ki Dose, Aadha Ghanta Roz' is the Mantra to stay fit says Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

  • Prime Minister digitally releases Age-Appropriate Fitness Protocols on the First Anniversary of Fit India Movement.

  • Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar assures farm bills will bring revolutionary changes in the lives of farmers.

  • India says China should refrain from making any attempts to unilaterally change the status quo at LAC.

  • New Delhi says, Pakistan has no locus standi to comment on India's internal affairs.

  • COVID-19 recovery rate improves to 81.55 per cent.

  • And, in IPL Cricket, Kings Eleven Punjab face Royal Challengers Bangalore in Dubai.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a new-Mantra-"Fitness Ki Dose, Aadha Ghanta Roz". He has urged the people to apply this principle in letter and spirit to stay fit and healthy. He was interacting with fitness experts and influencers virtually on the First Anniversary of the Fit India Movement.


"फिटनेस की डोज आधा घंटा रोज, इस मंत्र में सभी का स्वास्थ्, सभी का सुख छिपा हुआ है। फिर चाहे वो योग हो या बेडमिंटन हो, टेनिस हो या फुटबॉल हो, जो भी आपको पंस आए कम से कम तीस मिनट रोज कीजिए।"

The nation-wide online Fit India Dialogue was organized to celebrate the First Anniversary of the Fit India Movement. On the occasion, the Prime Minister also launched Fit India Age-Appropriate Fitness Protocols. Mr Modi held interactions with cricketer Virat Kohli, actor Milind Soman, footballer Afshan Ashiq among others who shared their fitness experiences with him. The Prime Minister wished all the countrymen good health and said that in one year, the Fit India Movement has  become the movement of people.

"आज का ये discussion हर आयु वर्ग के लिए और भिन्-भिन् रुचि रखने वालों के लिए भी बहुत ही उपयोगी होगा। Fit India Movement की first anniversary पर मैं सभी देशवासियों के अच्छे स्वास्थ् की कामना करता हूं। एक साल के भीतर-भीतर ये फिटनेस मूवमेंट, Movement of people भी बन चुका है और Movement of positivity बन चुका है। देश में हैल् और फिटनेस को लेकर निरतंर awaireness में बढ़ोतरी होती चली जा रही है और activeness भी बढ़ी है।"

The Prime Minister said, Yoga, posture, exercise, walking, running, healthy diet and swimming activites are now becoming part of our life. He said, the Fit India Movement has demonstrated its influence and relevance during COVID- 19 period. During the interaction, the Prime Minister hailed Afshan Ashiq, a woman footballer from Jammu & Kashmir, as an inspiration for girls across the country.

In her interaction, Afshan said, she is grateful for this platform and feels proud to be representing Jammu & Kashmir.

Speaking with Prime Minister Modi, India cricket team captain Virat Kohli shared his fitness mantra.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports Kiren Rijiju said, while launching the Fit India Movement last year, the Prime Minister had emphasized that it should become the movement of people. Now Fit India Movement is truly becoming people's movement and in the past one year many programmes were organized which have taken fitness to new heights.


Agriculture and Farmer Welfare Minister Nanredra Singh Tomar has said, the farm bills passed in Parliament will bring revolutionary changes in the lives of the country's farmers. Addressing media this evening, Mr Tomar said, through these bills, farmers will get more freedom and fair price for their produce, which will help them financially. He alleged that Congress workers are trying to mislead farmers in the entire country.

बिल के जो प्रावधान हैं वो किसान हितैषी हैं। जिनका विरोध करने की स्थिति में कोई भी राजनीतिक दल नहीं है। लेकिन यह रिफॉर्म, ये क्रांतिकारी परिवर्तन जो लम्बे समय से अपेक्षित था, उसको लाने में मोदी सरकार का संकल् पूरा हुआ है। सलिए किसी को विरोध करना है तो वो देशभर में लोगों को गुमराह करके इसका विरोध कर रहे हैं।

The Minister stressed that Minimum Support Price, MSP is an administrative decision which is presently there and will remain in the future as well. He pointed out that Centre announced MSPs even before the Rabi crops were sowed.

The Minister said, there is no provision to end Agricultural Produce Market Committee, APMCs. He added that the new bills just allow farmers to sell their produce outside APMCs, giving them a wide range of buyers.

Mr Tomar said, farmers were forced to sell their produce in mandis so far. He said, through these bills, farmers will now be able to sell the produce even outside the ambit of the mandi, and even outside their  state at any price they choose.

हमने इस बिल के माध्यम से किसान को इस बात की स्वतंत्रता दी है की जो मंडी प्रीमिसिस राज्य सरकार का है। उसकी परिधि के बाहर जो भी एरिया है किसान का घर है  किसान का खेत है वेयरहाउस है या और कोई स्थान जहां किसान ने अपने उत्पादन को रखा हुआ है उस स्थान से अब किसान किसी भी स्थान पर किसी भी व्यक्ति को अपना उत्पादन बेचने के लिए स्वतंत्र हो गया है। इस विधायक के माध्यम से ये अधिकार किसान को मिला है जो बरसो से किसान की एक मांग चली रही थी।
The Minister also stressed that there will be no deals related to the land of the farmer under these bills.

The Farmers Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill the Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Bill were recently passed by both the houses of Parliament.


The Union Finance Ministry has granted permission to raise additional financial resources of 9 thousand 913 crore rupees to five states through Open Market Borrowings. These States are Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Goa, Karnataka and Tripura. The permission has been accorded after these States successfully met the reform condition of implementation of One Nation One Ration Card System.

The permission allows Karnataka to raise 4 thousand 509 crore rupees whereas Andhra Pradesh can borrow 2 thousand 525 crore rupees. Telangana has been permitted to borrow 2 thousand 508 crore rupees while Goa can raise 223 crore and Tripura 148 crore rupees.

In view of the unprecedented pandemic the Central Government had in May allowed additional borrowing limit of up to 2 percent of Gross State Domestic Product to the States for the current financial year. This made an amount of up to 4 lakh 27 thousand 302 crore available to the States.


Union Government has said that more than 15 lakh loan applications have been received so far under the PM Street Vendor’s Atmanirbhar Nidhi (PM SVANidhi) Scheme. Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs in a statement said, out of these, more than 5.5 lakh loans have been sanctioned and about two lakh loans disbursed.  The Ministry is implementing the PM SVANidhi Scheme to facilitate collateral-free working capital loan to 50 lakh street vendors to restart their businesses post-COVID-19 lockdowns.

The Ministry said, with a view  to expedite the loan sanctioning process and provide ease of operation to the lenders, it has been decided to push the applications directly to the bank branches, which have been indicated by the Vendor as Preferred Lender or where the Vendor holds a savings bank account in case Preferred Lender is not indicated.

It said, these measures are expected to accelerate the implementation of PM SVANidhi Scheme by the Lending Institutions in making the street vendors access the benefits of the Scheme and to become Atmanirbhar.


India has said the way ahead on India and China border standoff is to refrain from making any attempts to unilaterally change the status quo, while both sides continue their discussions to achieve complete disengagement in all friction areas. Briefing media virtually this evening, External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said the two sides have decided to have the next meeting of the Senior Commanders at the earliest.  He said the next meeting of the Working Mechanism for Consultation and Coordination is also likely to take place soon.

The 6th meeting of the Senior Commanders of India and China took place on 21st of this month in Moldo. The two sides decided to strengthen the ground communication to avoid any further misunderstandings and misjudgments, stop sending more troops to the frontline, refrain from unilaterally changing the situation on the ground, and avoid taking any actions that may complicate the situation.

This meeting took place in the backdrop of the meeting of the Defence Ministers of India and China in Moscow on 4th September and also the meeting of the two Foreign Ministers on 10th September. The two Foreign Ministers had reached an agreement that the two sides should continue the dialogue and quickly and comprehensively disengage in all the friction areas.

The Senior Commanders met after a period of nearly 50 days. After the meeting, the two sides also issued a joint press release which is the first joint press release after any Senior Commander’s meeting. Mr Srivastava said as such, it reflects the stated commitment of both sides to disengage along the LAC. He said disengagement is a complex process that requires redeployment of troops by each side towards their regular posts on their respective sides of the LAC. This would require mutually agreed reciprocal actions.The spokesperson said even as two sides work towards complete disengagement in all friction areas, it is at the same time also necessary to ensure stability on the ground. 


China's doublespek has come to the fore once again. At a press conference in Beijing today the Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson parried questions on the issue of permanent membership of the UN Security Council for India. Also at the same forum, he did not spell out any commitment on reforms at the security council sought by the G4 contries. Rather he stated that there is enormous division and lack of a widespread consensus on the arrangement for reforms at UNSC.

The Chinese Spokesperson said Beijing is willing to work with other UN members to seek what he called a package solution through dialogue and negotiation. India and other G4 countries' have called for the start of text based negotiations without delay at a virtual meeting yesterday on the sidelines of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly. In a statement, they have lamented that there is no meaningful progress in the Intergovernmental negotiations.

G4 countries comprising India, Japan, Brazil and Germany have been demanding the expansion of UN Security Council through substantive negotiations based on a single comprehensive text. All other four permanent  members of security council except China have categorically supported India's candidature for a permanent seat at the UN Security Council.


India has said any action by Pakistan to alter the status of the militarily occupied so-called “Gilgit-Baltistan” has no legal basis whatsoever and is totally void ab-initio.

Replying to media query on statements by the Pakistani leadership and media reports in this regard, External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said India's position has always been clear and consistent.

The spokesperson said, the entire territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh have been and are an integral part of India and would remain so. He stated that Pakistan has no locus standi to comment on India’s internal matters.

On Jammu and Kashmir issue raised in CICA and SAARC Meeting by Pakistan, the spokesperson said it is very typical of Pakistan to use such fora to raise bilateral and contentious issues which is inconsistent with the principles and charter of such organizations and their meetings.  He asked what else can be expected of a country that indulges in cross-border terrorism as a part of its state policy.

Responding to another query on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's remarks on Jammu and Kashmir, Mr Srivastava said the remarks constitute a gross interference in India’s internal affairs and are completely unacceptable. He said Turkey should learn to respect the sovereignty of other nations and reflect on its own policies more deeply.


The External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar today participated in the Special Ministerial Meeting of Foreign Ministers of the CICA or the Conference on Interaction & Confidence Building Measures in Asia. The Minister emphasized India’s commitment to a pluralistic cooperative security order in Asia through CICA.

In a series of tweets, Dr Jaishankar said, this is needed more than ever before. He also highlighted India’s contributions to the global fight against COVID19 and India's openness to do more, including with respect to vaccines. He spoke about India-central Asia cooperation and the Indo-Pacific Ocean’s Initiative. Dr Jaishankar also called for greater collective efforts to counter terrorism and its sponsors. He reaffirmed India’s support for Afghan peace process that respects its national sovereignty and territorial integrity and preserves its democratic progress.


New COVID recoveries in India have exceeded new cases consecutively for the past six days. A total of 87 thousand 374 recoveries have been registered in the last 24 hours in the country. The number of new confirmed cases stands at 86,508. With this, the total number of recoveries have gone up to 46.7 lakh. The recovery rate has crossed 81.55 percent.

As India records more recoveries than the new cases, the gap between Recovered Cases and the Active Cases is continuously widening. The recovered cases exceed the active cases by more than 37 lakh. This has also ensured that the active caseload accounts for merely 16.86 percent of the total positive cases.


The recovery rate of COVID patients in Delhi stands at 86.09 per cent today. The city recorded recovery of three thousand 509 patients in the last 24 hours taking the total number of recovered patients till date, to two lakh 24 thousand 375. With increased testing, the city has achieved the remarkable mark of conducting one lakh 45 thousand 79 Corona tests per million of its population. A total of three thousand 834 new confirmed cases were reported in the National Capital during the last twenty four hours. With this the total number of COVID cases in the city has reached two lakh 60 thousand 623.

The Delhi Government confirmed that 36 deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours, taking the toll to 5 thousand 123. The total number of active corona cases in the city now stands at 31 thousand 125.


DMDK party leader Vijayakant was admitted to a  hospital in Chennai today for Covid-19 treatment. The medical bulletin issued by the hospital says he is stable and will be discharged in a few days. However, a statement issued by the party earlier said he visited the hospital for routine medical check-up adding he had mild symptoms of Covid-19. Meanwhile, the state chief minister Edappadi Palaniswamy, opposition DMK president MK Stalin and several other leaders have wished Vijaykant speedy recovery.


Kerala reported the highest single day covid surge as it confirmed 6324 new cases today. A report from our Thiruvananthapuram correspondent:

"21 more death were also. confirmed today due to Covid taking the death toll in the State to 613.Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan  said that the situation in the State is getting extremely serious.Covid treatment facilities are being enhanced in all  districts.Meanwhile 3168 recoveries were also reported today.The total active Covid cases in Kerala rose to 45919. Mayusha for AIR News from Thiruvananthapuram."


In Manipur, 161 people including 30 personnel from the Central Armed Police Force tested COVID-19 positive in the last twenty four hours while 261 persons were discharged. The total number of positive cases in Manipur is 9537 including 2063 Central Security Personnel. The total number of recovered cases is 7369 while the active cases are 2106. The recovery rate registered today is 77.26 percent. 62 people have lost their lives in the State.


In the union territory of Puducherry, the number of Covid 19 positive cases has been increasing alarmingly. 668 more people  tested positive and six persons died today.

According to the status report released by the health department, so far, 24 thousand 895 people are infected by the virus of which 19 thousand 311 were treated and discharged and 487 died leaving 5097 active cases.


Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar today said the emergence of COVID 19 has emphasised the fact how unregulated exploitation of natural resources coupled with unsustainable food habits lead to destruction of systems that support human life.

Participating in a Ministerial Round table Dialogue on Biodiversity Beyond 2020, Mr Javadekar urged the nations to join hands on the occasion of the start of the UN Decade of Action and Delivery for Sustainable Development to put nature at the heart of post COVID19 recovery plan. He informed the round table that India being a mega bio diverse country, has a robust legal and institutional set up for biodiversity governance.


Air India Express said Saudi Arabia has permitted outbound passenger flights to India under the Vande Bharat mission.  On Tuesday, Saudi Arabia had banned flights to and from India amid a surge in coronavirus cases. Yesterday, Air India Express clarified it would not carry passengers from India to Saudi Arabia.  Scheduled international passenger flights have been suspended in India since March 23 due to the outbreak. However, special international flights have been operating between India and Saudi Arabia since May 6th under the Vande Bharat mission.


A total of 15.42 lakh Indians have been repatriated thorugh different modes of the Vande Bharat Mission so far. Briefing media virtually this evening, External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said 630 international flights and 142 feeder flights have been operated from 24 countries reaching 24 airports across India till 22nd of this month. They have repatriated an estimated one lakh 24 thousand people.

The Phase Six of the Mission is currently operational and will go on till 30th of this month.  The Air Suvidha Digital Platform has been made available for all arriving international passengers since the 8th of August. This platform allows for exemption from institutional quarantine for incoming passengers of the Vande Bharat flights. This service has been made available in response to a long pending demand of passengers for seeking exemption from institutional quarantine on the basis of their RT PCR report. It has helped to reduce passenger processing time on arrival.


In Manipur, three sitting MLAs and two Ex-MLAs have been inducted as Ministers of State in the BJP led coalition State government today.

Manipur Governor Dr. Najma Heptulla administered the oath of office and secrecy to three MLAs- S. Rajen, Th. Satyabrata, Vungzagin Valte and two Ex-MLAs- O. Henry and O. Lukhoi late evening at the Raj Bhavan.

The three newly inducted MLAs are BJP members while the remaining Ex-MLAs were elected on the Congress ticket in the last election and resigned from the party as well as from the membership of the Assembly recently. O. Henry is the nephew of O. Ibobi, the former Chief Minister of Manipur and leader of Congress Legislative Party, Manipur. More from our correspondent:-

"Presently, 13 seats out of the 60 members of Manipur Assembly house are vacant and a by-poll for some seats is expected in a few months. Therefore, the induction of new faces in the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh led State government could be seen as preparedness for electioneering.  Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh was in New Delhi on Monday accompanied by Manipur BJP chief Prof. S. Tikendra and met central BJP leaders including National President J.P. Nadda, National General Secretary B.L. Santosh and Ram Madhav. Later, he returned to Imphal along with National Vice-President and Central Observer Bijayant Panda and initiated the induction of new ministers in his 12 member cabinet. This is JJ Thokchom from Imphal for AIR News.


In Karnataka, the leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah today moved a no-confidence notice against the B S Yediyurappa-led BJP government in the Legislative Assembly. Speaker Visveshwar Hegde Kageri, who admitted the notice, said that the date and time for discussion on the notice will be provide by Saturday. Revenue Minister R Ashoka, who objected to the no-confidence motion, said that BJP was confident of proving the majority. The monsoon session of the legislative Assembly will conclude on Saturday. More from our Correspondent.

Revenue Minister R Ashok has termed the motion as a political gimmick as he said they have the numbers. However Congress leader D K Shivakumar said that there is in-fighting in BJP and anything could happen. 23 Congress MLAs have signed the notice given by Siddaramaiah today. JD(s) remains neutral. Yediyurappa Government is one year and four months old and has 116 MLAS and the support of an Independent. There are four seats vacant in the House of 225. Hence BJP has the numbers on their side as the half way mark is 112. Since the session is concluding on Saturday it has to be seen how the issue will turn out on that day. Sudhindra, AIR News, Bengaluru.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi will virtually inaugurate the Vaishwik Bharatiya Vaigyanik (VAIBHAV) Summit scheduled to be held on 2nd of October this year.

VAIBHAV summit is a collaborative initiative by Science and Technology and Academic Organisations of the country to enable deliberations on thought process, practices and Research and development culture with a problem solving approach for well defined objectives.


President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime minister Narendra Modi
have condoled the passing away of renowned nuclear scientist  Dr. Sekhar Basu.

In his message, President Kovind said, the demise of veteran scientist Dr Basu is a huge loss to the nation. He said, the scientist, a former chairman of Atomic Energy Commission, was a stalwart of nuclear science research and immensely contributed to nuclear powered submarine INS Arihant. The President extended his condolences to the bereaved family and friends.

Prime minister Modi said, he joins the atomic energy fraternity in grieving for Dr Basu who played a key role in establishing India as a lead country in nuclear science and engineering.


The 51st Edition of the International Film Festival of India, IFFI  will be held from 16th to 24th January, next year in Goa.  Earlier it was scheduled  to be held  from 20th to 28th November, this year. The  postponement follows discussion between Information and Broadcasting  Minister Prakash Javadekar and Goa Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant.

It has also been jointly decided to hold the festival on new dates as per the International Film Festival guidelines and protocols. The festival will be conducted in a Virtual and Physical format. All COVID related protocols will be strictly enforced as per the festivals convened recently in the International Film Festival circuit.


Former Australia batsman Dean Jones died of cardiac arrest in a Mumbai hotel today. The 59 year old cricketer was part of the 1987 World Cup winning team. He played 52 Tests and 164 ODIs for Australia.He was was one of the great ambassadors of the game associating himself with Cricket development across South Asia. He was passionate about discovering new talent and nurturing young cricketers. He was in Mumbai with the commentary team for the Indian Premier League.


At IPL 2020 Kings XI Punjab were 132 for  3 in  16 overs in their ongoing match with Royal Challengers Bangalore, at the Dubai International Stadium in the United Arab Emirates when reports last came in. Earlier, RCB captain Virat Kohli won the toss and elected to field.


Now, let us take a look at the weather forecast for tomorrow.

The National Capital Delhi will have a partly cloudy sky. It will have a minimum temperature of 26 degree Celsius and maximum of 38 degree.

In Mumbai, there will be a generally cloudy sky with moderate rain.
Chennai will have a partly cloudy sky.

Kolkata will witness a generally cloudy sky with one or two spells of rain or thundershowers. The minimum temperature in the metropolis will be around 28 degree Celsius while the maximum will be 31 degree.

On to the North, in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, the minimum temperature will be 24 degree Celsius in Jammu while the maximum will be around 37 degree. The city will have a mainly clear sky.

In Srinagar, Ladakh and Gilgit, there will be mainly clear sky becoming partly cloudy towards afternoon or evening. In Ladakh, the temperature will hover between 11 and 24 degree Celsius. In Gilgit, the minimum temperature will be 12 degree Celsius and maximum 34. In Muzzafarabad, there will be a mainly clear sky and temperature will hover between 16 and 34 degree Celsius.


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