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United Nations faces crisis of confidence without comprehensive reforms: PM Modi            PM to address IIT Guwahati’s convocation through video-conferencing today            Govt announces increase in MSPs for six Rabi crops            Railways floats revised tender for 44 Vande Bharat trains            Parliament passes Epidemic Diseases (Amendment) Bill           

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  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi says, Ram Temple in Ayodhya will be a modern symbol of India's collective will power.
  • Prime Minister performs Bhoomi Pujan and lays foundation stone of Ram Temple; Says Lord Ram is common thread of unity in diversity in the country.
  • People in Ayodhya and across the nation celebrate the occasion.
  • Concrete steps taken by government in J&K over the past one year have led to development and instilled security and confidence among citizens.
  • Record number of over 51 thousand people recover from COVID in a single day.
  • Heavy rains continue to lash Mumbai amid red in the city.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that the Ram Temple in Ayodhya will become a modern symbol of India's traditions. He said that Ram Mandir will  symbolise the power of collective resolution of crores of people which will keep inspiring the future generations. The Prime Minister was adressing the gathering at Ram Janmbhumi in Ayodhya.

"राम मंदिर के लिए कई-कई सदियों तक कई-कई पीढियों ने अखंड अविरत एक निष्ठ प्रयास किया। आज का ये दिन उसी तप, त्याग और संकल्प का प्रतीक है। राम मंदिर के लिए चले आंदोलन में अर्पण भी था तर्पण भी था संघर्ष भी था संकल्प भी था। त्याग, बलिदान और संघर्ष से आज ये स्वप्न साकार हो रहा है।"

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today performed Bhoomi Poojan and laid the foundation stone of grand Ram temple in Ayodhya. With this ceremony the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya started today.

On this occasion, the PM said that today is the day of the liberation of Ram Janmbhumi from the cycle of breaking down and building up again and construction of the Ram temple marks a new chapter in India's history.

"आज पूरा भारत भावुक है सदियों का इंतजार आज समाप्त हो रहा है। करोड़ों लोगों को आज ये विश्वास ही नहीं हो रहा होगा कि वो अपने जीते जी इस पावन दिन को देख पा रहे हैं। बरसों से टाट और टेंट के नीचे रहे हमारे राम लला के लिए अब एक भव्य मंदिर का निर्माण होगा।"

 Recounting the different Ramayans written in various languages, the Prime Minister noted that Shree Ram is the common thread of unity in diversity in the country. He said that Lord Ram is a symbol of strength and unity for all religions, irrespective of religion.

During his historic address at Ayodhya, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that it is an emotional moment for the entire country and construction of Ram Temple will also pave way for the development of Ayodhya and open up several opportunities across sectors which will change the economy of the region.

"प्रभु श्री राम ने  हमें  कर्तव्य पालन  की  सीख दी है, उन्होंने हमें विरोध से निकलकर, बोध और शोध का मार्ग दिखाया है! हमें आपसी प्रेम और भाईचारे के जोड़ से राममंदिर की इन शिलाओं को जोड़ना है। हमें ध्यान रखना है, जब जबमानवता  ने राम  को  माना है विकास हुआ है, जब जब हम भटके हैं विनाश के रास्ते खुले हैं! हमें सभी की भावनाओं का ध्यान रखना है। हमें सबके साथ से, सबके विश्वास से, सबका विकास करना है। अपने परिश्रम, अपनी संकल्पशक्ति से एक आत्मविश्वासी और आत्मनिर्भर भारत का निर्माण करना है।"

The Bhumi Poojan ceremony started at sharp 12.30 afternoon and culminated at 12.45 pm.

Many Saints, spiritual leaders and other leaders associated with the Ram Temple movement were present at the ceremony. Mahesh Bhagchandka and Pawan Singhal from family of late Ashok  Singhal, Former President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad were Mukhya Yajman in Bhumi Pujan function.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi became the first Prime Minister to have Darshan at Ram Janmbhumi and Hanumangarhi temple of Ayodhya and after planting a sapling of Parijat Tree he took part in the Bhumi Poojan ceremony.

The Prime Minister also released postage stamps on the model of Ram Temple and on Ramayana encyclopedia on this occasion. A wooden Kodand Ram Statue was presented as a souvenir to Prime Minister by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

On the occasion, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath said that it was a dream which has became a reality.

"जिसे आज से : वर्ष पहले आदरणीय प्रधानमंत्री जी ने राम राज् की इस अवधारणा को चरितार्थ  करने  के लिये आगे बढ़ाया था, जिसमें किसी के साथ ना जाति के नाम पर ना क्षेत्र के नाम पर ना भाषा के नाम पर कोई  भेदभाव नहीं। और सबका साथ - सबके विकास की भावना को चरितार्थ करते हुए जिस कार्यक्रम को : वर्ष पहले आगे बढ़ाया था, भगवान राम का यह भव् और दिव् मंदिर, भगवान राम की यश और कीर्ति के अनुरूप  भारत की यश और कीर्ति को भी देश और दुनिया के अन्दर इसी रूप में आगे बढ़ाने का कार्य करेगा।"


More from our correspondent who is in Ayodhya to cover this historic event..

"Ram Kaj Keenhe Bina Mohu Kahan Vishram….means how can I be relaxed without completing the work of Lord Rama…the lines of Ramcharitmanas reflected the emotions of Prime Minister of the occasion. It was sharp 12.45 afternoon when the long awaited dream of crores of Rambhakts across the world turned into reality and a chapter in the history was added in Ayodhya. Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed the Bumipoojan for the temple of Ramlala amidst chanting of Slokas, Blowing of conch shells and renditions of jai Shri Ram. Clad in traditional Indian attire of Dhoti Kurta Prime Minister bowed down infront of Ramlala, performed pooja,accepted the Mukut or the crown and turban given by preists of hanumanGarhi and did Parikrama also. He became the first Prime Minister to do so. The city of Lord rama was reverberating with sound of Ramdhun on this occassion. Although lanes of Ayodhya took a deserted look because of the security reasons but in the houses and temples of the city people were doing Ramkeetran and recitation of Rancharitmanas. Sushil Chandra Tiwari AIR News, Ayodhya."

People in Ayodhya and across the nation celebrate the occasion.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said, this day will remain etched in the memory of every Indian. Mr. Modi in a tweet said, it was a blessed day in Ayodhya. May the blessings of Bhagwan Shree Ram always be upon us. He prayed that India may scale new heights of progress and every Indian be healthy and prosperous.


Home Minister Amit Shah today said that construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya has been a symbol of faith of Hindus around the world for centuries.

In a series of tweets, he said, construction of this magnificent temple demonstrates the strong and decisive leadership of Modi's government. He said, the Modi government will always be committed to protecting and preserving Indian culture and its values.


Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar today said, the people of the country and abroad are very happy with the commencement of construction process of Ram temple. In a tweet, Mr. Javadekar said, the atmosphere of the country has changed now and it is believed that complex problem can be resolved in a peaceful manner.


In Jammu and Kashmir, there has been a decline of fresh recruits into the terrorist ranks and neutralization of many active commanders of various terror outfits. Following the revocation of Article 370, the law of the land has prevailed over the atmosphere of fear and lawlessness. Incidents of stone pelting have come down substantially. Concrete steps have been taken by government to end corruption.

" The year 2019 proved very important for Anti Corruption Bureau. For the first time, cognizance in bank fraud cases was taken by ACB and investigation of some of the cases was completed in record time. Moreover, four challans against J&K Bank related to illegal appointments were produced before the Anti-Corruption Court in December last year for trial of the accused. In its crusade against corruption, ACB registered 73 FIRs last year which include 40 cases in Jammu division and 33 cases in Kashmir division. 29 cases were challaned in the court of law during this period. Eleven Disproportionate Assets cases were registered in 2019 as against 8 cases in 2018. With Bhupendra Kumar, Suparna Saikia, AIR News, Delhi."


Ladakh is celebrating the first anniversary of realisation of its seven decades-old dream today. It was on this day last year, Ladakh was granted the status of a Union Territory. Lieutenant Governor RK Mathur has greeted the people on the occasion.

In an exclusive interview to AIR News, Mr. Mathur expressed his belief that Ladakhis have all the potential to prosper in all spheres of life. He said, deciplined and hard working Ladakhis deserve a better life.


In the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, the ‘At Home’ function for this year’s Independence Day to be hosted by the Raj Bhavan, Srinagar, as per past practice, stands cancelled in view of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The decision was taken after assessing the current circumstances of COVID-19 pandemic in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and keeping in view the compliance of all healthcare protocols and SOP’s notified by the Central and the Union Territory Government.


All States and UTs have lifted about 118 Lakh Metric Tonne  of three-month food grains from FCI depots and central pool for distribution among National Food Security Act beneficiaries. Further, all States and UTs have reported a distribution of over 111.52 Lakh Metric Tonne, which is 93.5 percent of allocated food grains for the period between April and June. According to FCI, 37.5 Lakh Metric Tonne food grains were distributed in April and May, covering 75 crore beneficiaries in each month. In June, 36.54 Lakh Metric Tonne  food grains were distributed covering about 73 crore beneficiaries.

Following an announcement of Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package in March, the Department of Food and Public Distribution had started its  implementation for a period of three months - April, May and June. This was done so that the poor and vulnerable beneficiaries under NFSA do not suffer on account of the non-availability of foodgrains during the unprecedented time of COVID 19 crisis.


Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) has declared the results of its flagship national annual innovation marathon challenge. The ATL Tinkering Marathon 2019 was held over fifty thousand Atal Tinkering Labs across the country and announced 150 winners of the Marathon. The challenge was executed by AIM in partnership with MyGOV on MyGov’s Innovate Platform this year.

42 percent of the winning teams are from rural areas and 57 percent are from government schools. About 45 per cent  of the winning team students are girls.


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The highest recoveries from coronavirus have been reported in the country within 24 hours. A total of 51 thousand 706 people affected with coronavirus have recovered in one day which is the highest figure since the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic in India. This has resulted in further improvement in the recovery rate which has reached 67.19 per cent in the country.

The Health and Family Welfare Ministry today said, a total of 12 lakh 82 thousand 215 people have recovered from coronavirus in the country so far. It said, there has been a 63.8 per cent increase in recovered cases in the last 14 days. The aggressive testing along with ramped up hospital infrastructure has ensured the increasing recovery rate which has improved from 63 per cent to 67 per cent in two weeks. The Ministry said, a total of 52 thousand 509 new cases of Covid-19 have been reported in the country in the past 24 hours taking the total number of cases to 19 lakh 8 thousand 254. Presently, the total number of active corona cases in the country is five lakh 86 thousand 244. In a single day, 857 deaths have been reported taking the nationwide toll to 39 thousand 795. The case fatality rate has further declined to 2.08 per cent in the country.

Meanwhile, the Indian Council of Medical Research said that a total of two crore 14 lakh 84 thousand 402 tests have been conducted in the country so far.


In Madhya Pradesh, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan was discharged from  hospital in Bhopal today after recovering from a coronavirus infection. The Chief Minister had tested positive for coronavirus on July 25.

He was in hospital for 11 days. Doctors have advised Mr. Chouhan to stay in home-quarantine and monitor his health for a week.

As per the health bulletin of the hospital, Mr. Chouhan had been asymptomatic for the past 10 days. The doctors who were treating him found that all his clinical parameters were within normal limits.


The mobile lab was handed over to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in Bengaluru today. Called "Mobile Infection Testing and Reporting Lab" , MITR can be deployed in Corona hot spots quickly. Another innovative project fructified in Bengaluru today when a bus stand was converted into 200 bed Covid Care Centre. The bus stand used by Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation has been converted into a Covid Care Centre with the help of Rotary Care Foundation and Nayonika Eye Trust.


In Meghalaya, 22 new COIVID 19 cases were detected today taking the total active positive case to 595.

Director of Health Services, Dr Aman War said that out of the 22 new cases, 19 were from East Khasi Hills district and all were civilians, one BSF personnel in West Garo Hills district, and two civilians in South West Garo Hills district.

So far 39,553 samples have been sent for testing out of which 38,062 were found negative and results of 552 are awaited. The total number of recovered cases is 339.


In the Union Territory of Puducherry, 286 more persons has been tested positive for the Corona Virus Disease and 7 died leaving 1721 active cases.

As per the COVID 19 status report released today by the Health Department,182 new cases were reported in Puducherry region, 21 in Karaikal, 80 in Yanam and 3 in Mahe region. As many as 109 persons were treated and discharged.


Kerala continues to report a spike in covid cases as 1195 new cases were  confirmed  today. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said  that among the new cases  971 persons  contracted the virus through contact. Thiruvananthapuram continues to report the highest number of cases as 274 new covid cases were confirmed today. The death toll in State due to Covid touched 94 as seven more deaths were confirmed. 1234 persons have recovered from the infection. The total active Covid cases in Kerala has risen to 11492.

Meanwhile, the Met dept has predicted very heavy rain in northern and central Kerala in the coming four days. A high has been issued in landslide prone regions, low lying areas and coastal regions.


In our series "Expert Speak" on All India Radio we bring you the views of the leading medical experts on COVID-19.

Dr. Nand Kumar, Professor of Psychiatry, AIIMS has suggested to people to stay at home, spend time with family members and practice Yoga. 

Dr. Anvita Aggarwal, Resident, Infectious Diseases, AIIMS has advised people to not be negligent and stay at their homes.


The Centre today issued a notification asking the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to investigate the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar also demanded such a probe. Earlier today, the Centre told the Supreme Court that it has accepted the request by the Bihar government to order a CBI probe in Sushant Singh Rajput case. CBI spokesperson said, the agency is ready to probe the case . Rajput was found dead in his apartment in Mumbai’s Bandra on June 14th.


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today made an aerial survey of flood affected areas of the state.  Mr Kumar also visited relief camps and met flood victims in Darbhanga. During his visit to camps the Chief Minister inquired about relief measures. He instructed concerned authorities to do corona test on every flood victims who are living in relief camps. After reviewing prevailing devastating floods Nitish Kumar inspected all embankments during aerial survey.

About  67  lakh people of 16 districts spread over 1,165 Panchayats are reeling under the impact of flood. The flood situation continues to remain grim in districts of Darbhanga ,Muzaffarpur, Samastipur, Sitamarhi,Gopalganj ,East Champaran and Saran districts. 

The Met Department has forecast heavy  rains in catchment areas of various rivers in north Bihar as well as Nepal in the next  48 hours.


India has extended Line of Credit worth 18 million US dollars to the Government of Maldives for the expansion of fishing facilities at Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company (MIFCO). The project envisages investment in fish collection and storage facilities and the setting up of a tuna cooked plant and fishmeal plant.  It is part of the 800 million US dollars line of credit offered by India with repayment tenure of 20 years and a 5-year moratorium. The Indian High Commission in Male said fishing is deeply connected to the Maldivian way of life and is a key driver of the economy through exports. It said India recognizes that Maldives is globally known for its pole-and-line artisanal fishing that is sustainable and responsible. This project will benefit the Maldives in accessing new markets, increasing fish collection and storage capacity, along with creating greater value addition and additional sources of income. The high commission said they are confident that this project would reinforce India’s time-honored bonds of partnership with the Maldives.


In Lebanon, rescue workers are searching for more than a hundred people who are missing after a huge explosion devastated the port area of the capital Beirut last night. The blast killed at least 100 people and injured more than 4,000 others. The whole city was shaken by the explosion and a mushrooming cloud could be seen spreading over the port area.

President Michel Aoun said the blast was caused by 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored unsafely in a warehouse.  President Aoun declared three days of mourning.

Indian Embassy in Lebanon is in touch with the Indian community. The Embassy has also shared its helpline numbers with the Indian community.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed his deepest condolences to the families of the victims, as well as to the people and Government of Lebanon.


In Sri Lanka, the polling for parliamentary elections has concluded with voter turnout of around 71 percent reported countrywide. The voting is around 10 percent less compared to the previous election as strict health guidelines were in place in wake of the COVID pandemic. No major incident was reported and the polling remained largely peaceful.  Extensive arrangements were in place and people queued up wearing facemasks while the use of hand sanitizers was mandatory at the polling booths. Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, former PM Ranil Wickremsinghe and former President Maithripala Sirisena are among the main contestants seeking to enter Parliament. The voting began at 7 in the morning and an extra hour of polling was kept in view of the COVID situation and social distancing to be kept during the voting process. The counting of votes will be held tomorrow and initial results are expected by late evening. Over 7450 candidates are in the fray for parliament seats while around 1.62 crore voters were eligible to exercise their franchise at around 13 thousand polling booths.


India today said China has no locus standi on Jammu and Kashmir and advised it  to not comment on the internal affairs of other nations. External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said this in response to a media query on Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson’s recent comment on Jammu and Kashmir.


The News Services Division of All India Radio, in its bilingual live phone-in programme this evening, will bring you a Special Programme on COVID-19.

Dr. N. N. Mathur, Director, Lady Hardinge Medical College will participate in the discussion. 

Listeners can ask questions to the experts on Toll Free Telephone No: 1800-115767. One can also ask questions on telephone number: 011: 2331-4444 and post queries on our Twitter handle @airnews s by #tag Askair.

This can be heard tonight on FM Gold Channel and additional frequencies from 9.30 P.M. onwards. This programme will also be available on our website NEWS ON AIR DOT COM and on our YouTube Channel NEWSONAIROFFICIAL. You can listen to it on our mobile app news on AIR.


Heavy rains continue to lash Mumbai and its neighbouring districts, disrupting normal life amid numerous incidents of water-logging across low-lying areas and railway stations. While extreme water logging was reported from Dadar, Girgaon, Mahim, Byculla and Andheri, rail services continue to remain partially suspended, inconveniencing essential services workers. Meanwhile, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has taken stock of the situation and advised the city’s civic chief to address issues of waterlogging and uprooting of trees on urgent basis. He has urged police personnel, NDRF, rail and health services employees to cooperate with the civic administration in dealing with this situation.

"According to Indian Meteorological Department, Mumbai and its suburbs have witnessed rainfall ranging from 70 to 225 mm since this morning while the neighbouring Thane, Palghar and Dahanu regions have recorded rainfall of over 400 mm. Stating that monsoon is very active over the state, IMD has issued an extreme rainfall warning that is likely to cause flash floods in many areas of Konkan, Goa and Madhya Maharashtra in the next 24 hours. Adding that the rainfall activity is likely to subside after 7th August, Deputy Director General of IMD, Mumbai, Mr. K S Hosalikar has advised people to stay indoors for the next two days. With many rivers flowing above the danger mark, flood has also been sounded for people residing near the river basins in Ratnagiri, Raigad, Satara, Sindhudurg, Sangli and Kolhapur districts. Nisha Raney, AIR News, Mumbai."


Now, let us take a look at the weather forecast for tomorrow.

Mumbai will experience generally cloudy sky with heavy rain. The minimum temperature will be 24 degrees Celsius and the maximum will be around 28 degrees.

Chennai will have generally cloudy sky with light rain or drizzle. The temperature will hover between 26 and 33 degrees Celsius.

Kolkata will witness generally cloudy sky with a few spells of rain or thundershowers. The minimum temperature in the metropolis will be around 27 degrees celsius while the maximum will be 32 degrees.

On to the North, in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, the minimum temperature will be 26 degrees Celsius in Jammu while the maximum will be around 34 degrees Celsius. The city will have partly cloudy sky with possibility of rain or thunderstorm or duststorm.

In Srinagar, the minimum temperature will be around 19 degrees while the maximum will be 33 degrees. The city will have mainly clear sky becoming partly cloudy towards evening or night.

Ladakh will have mainly clear sky becoming partly cloudy towards afternoon or evening. The temperature will hover between 19 and 31 degrees Celsius.

In Gilgit, the temperature will hover between 18 and 31 degrees Celsius. It will experience mainly clear sky becoming partly cloudy towards evening or night.

In Muzzafarabad, there will be mainly clear sky becoming partly cloudy towards evening or night. The minimum temperature will be 22 degrees Celsius while the maximum temperature will be 36 degrees.

Chandigarh will have generally cloudy sky with possibility of development of thunder or lightning.


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