India is in a unique position to pioneer new model of economic development of low carbon emission: Dr. Harsh Vardhan


Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has said that India is in a unique position today to pioneer a new model of economic development of low carbon emission and inclusive development.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan virtually addressed the first meeting of the World Health Organization’s high level coalition on Health and Energy platform of action on Wednesday.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the World Bank, United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Human Rights Council, International Renewable Energy Agency among others.

While addressing the meeting, the Union Health Minister has said, the world is still reeling under an unprecedented threat of Covid-19.

He said, this challenge has pushed the governments and citizens to take extraordinary steps to protect human lives and reduce morbidity across the globe.

He said, Covid-19 pandemic has also underlined the need to ensure synergy across sectors.

He added that it needs to be reflected in our policies to ensure an effective and sustainable service delivery.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan stressed on exhibiting firm political and financial commitment to mobilize resources for strengthening the capacity of the health and energy sectors.

He said, ambitious green stimulus plans will help countries restore their economies while deepening their energy transition.