CISF restores the bag containing cash INR 1.5 lakh & other valuables to the rightful owner at Chandni Chowk Metro Station


Sub-Inspector Shravan Kumar of CISF deployed as shift in-charge at Chandni Chowk metro station noticed an unclaimed bag lying on the output roller of x-ray machine today

He asked the passerby passengers, but no one came forward to claim the bag. In the meantime, a male passenger later identified as Karamchand Sharma, aged about 42 yrs, R/O- Ghaziabad (UP) informed that his bag containing cash amounting to Rs. 1,50,000/- and some valuables was missing from the output roller of x-ray machine. Immediately, the unclaimed bag was checked from security point of view and CCTV footage was reviewed.

After ascertaining that there was no dangerous/hazardous item inside the bag, it was opened. On opening the bag, no dangerous/hazardous item was found inside the bag. On reviewing the CCTV footage, it came to light that a lady passenger picked Mr Shama’s bag from x-ray machine and left behind her own. A contact number of a lady passenger later identified as Ms Preeti, R/O Delhi was found inside the bag. She was contacted over mobile phone and informed about the exchange of baggage.

On getting the information, she realized that she mistakenly picked someone’s bag from the output roller. She further informed that she would return back to exchange her bag. Thereafter, Karamchand Sharma along with the unclaimed bag was taken to the Station Controller Room for further action.

After some time, at about 1810 hrs, a lady passenger identified herself Ms Preeti, R/o- Delhi reached at the metro station and informed the she was in hurry and mistakenly took another bag in place of her bag from the output roller of x-ray machine.

She was brought to the Station Controller Room. After proper verification, the bags along-with cash & valuables were exchanged between them. After getting their bags along with cash & valuables intact, both the passengers thanked CISF. Mr. Karamchand Sharma appreciated the alertness and promptness of CISF personnel in retrieving his bag containing cash INR 1.5 lakh & other valuables.